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Federal Reserve Essay

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It is true what many say, “money makes the world go round”. Between 1775 through 1791 to finance the war America printed the first paper currency know as “continentals.” Prior to this America relied on the barter system which, made fighting almost impossible. Welcoming the bills and foregoing bartering lead to inflation. The inflation was mild at first however is accelerated rapidly as the war progress. Eventually, people lost faith in the notes and they quickly became worthless. This would lead to three failed attempts to decentralized US Banking in an effort to restore trust and avoid economic disaster, after the failed attempts, The Federal Reserve Act was established in 1913 by ...view middle of the document...

This is done by reducing the money supply when inflation is high and increasing the money supply when rates are too high and there is little or no growth in the economy. The decisions that are made by the Federal Reserve not only effects the economy of the United State but the global economy. We are not alone.

Currently the System consists of a seven member Board of Governors with headquarters in Washington, D.C., and twelve Reserve Banks located in major cities throughout the United States, such as
The Board of Governers are appointed byt the President and are confirmed by the Senate to serve their 14 year term with no option to be reappointed.

The primary responsibility of the Board members is the formulation of monetary policy. The seven Board members constitute a majority of the 12-member Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), the group that makes the key decisions affecting the cost and availability of money and credit in the economy. The other five members of the FOMC are Reserve Bank presidents, one of whom is the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The other Bank presidents serve one-year terms on a rotating basis. By statute the FOMC determines its own organization, and by tradition it elects the Chairman of the Board of Governors as its Chairman and the President of the New York Bank as its Vice Chairman.The Board sets reserve requirements and shares the responsibility with the Reserve Banks for discount rate policy. These two functions plus open market operations constitute the monetary policy tools of the Federal Reserve System.In addition to monetary policy responsibilities, the Federal Reserve Board has regulatory and supervisory responsibilities over banks that are members of the System, bank holding companies, international banking facilities in the United States, Edge Act and agreement corporations, foreign activities of member banks, and the U.S. activities of foreign-owned banks. The Board also sets margin requirements, which limit the use of credit for purchasing or carrying securities.In addition, the Board plays a key role in assuring the smooth functioning and continued development of the nation's vast payments system [see Fedwire and Payment System Risk Policy].Another area of Board responsibility is the development and administration of regulations that implement major federal laws governing consumer credit such as the Truth in Lending Act, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and the Truth in Savings Act [see Consumer Information and Community Development].Meetings
The Board usually meets several times a week. Meetings are conducted in compliance with the Government in the Sunshine Act, and many meetings are open to the public. If the Board has convened to consider confidential financial information, however, the sessions are closed to public observation.Contacts within Government
As they carry out their duties, members of the Board routinely...

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