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Fed Up Movie Reaction/Summary Essay

639 words - 3 pages

Olivia Repasky
October 20, 2014
PFFT 113-040

Fed Up Movie Reaction/Summary

This film focused on the issue of the excessive amount of sugar Americans consume in our diets and the dangers and negative effects consuming too much sugar can have on our health. It also focused on the negative effects, such as obesity and diabetes and other health related problems, which the youth of America in particular is experiencing because of the overconsumption of sugar in our diets. The first dietary guidelines issued around 30 years ago did not pay attention to how too much sugar in our diets can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other health related problems and that has resulted in children becoming more and more obese and having a shorter lifespan because companies did not have to monitor the amount of sugar they put in foods thus they ...view middle of the document...

I think this is extremely important because if people don’t know what they are eating is unhealthy, if they don’t know what is good sugar and what is bad sugar, and if they don’t know what is too much sugar and what is an adequate amount of sugar, than the problem with sugar consumption related health problems can’t really be resolved. People, especially parents, need to know about the dangers of consuming too much sugar in our diets because what we feed ourselves will influence our own health and ultimately have an influence on our children’s diet and dietary habits. Since children, for the most part, eat what their parents eat or eat what their parents give them to eat, they are kind of helpless to a certain extent in managing their weight and so it is the responsibility of parents to be a healthy example for children in order to prevent their children from being obese or becoming diabetic. It is sad that some kids have to undergo procedures as drastic and dangerous as gastric bypass surgery like in the movie just to attempt to get their weight under control. The key is to know what is healthy and know what to avoid eating before it ever gets to that point. And it just goes to show the importance of education when it comes to nutrition and diet because in the movie the young person gains all the weight back even after having the surgery. Obviously, even surgery can’t help if you don’t have the proper knowledge of how to maintain a healthy diet and what foods to avoid. Our country is definitely an overfed nation, with portions being too large and sugar being far too high in most things we consume, and so it is no surprise obesity and diabetes and so on are such prevalent problems. If we don’t get this under control, the generations to come will all be obese and probably barely make it to 50 years old!

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