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Fear Is Acceptable Essay

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Animal Farm Synthesis Essay
What do people think of when the word fear is heard? (Took out sentence) Fear is an effective tool to change attitudes, which are moderated by motivation and ability to process the fear message. Another reason why fear is acceptable is that many times “fear” is simply a fact and not something to be scared about. Facts can be fearful even though they are not meant to be. Also, fear appeals are nonmonotonic, meaning that the level of persuasion does not increase in proportion to the amount of fear that is used.
Fear is perhaps the best way to change a person’s attitude. Global warming is a prime example of an attitude changer because “climate change is damaging ...view middle of the document...

Having making some progress is better than making none at all.
The purpose of fear is to keep us safe and that’s what facts can do. Facts can be really hard to accept. Fear is a basic feeling and therefore created by us – it is not something we have, but something we do. Scare tactics can work even in the big cities like New York where “the number of smokers has dropped nearly 20 percent in four years” (Scott and Jagow). Fear is linked by the “drastic” decreasing of smokers. This can be portrayed as people dieing. Nonetheless, some people have quit smoking because of all the health issues. Politics wise, former president, George Bush, reflects on how the Patriot Act made it “easier to get the credit card receipts of a tax cheat than those of an al Qaeda bankroller” (Bush). This fact is just for the people to know they should help him reauthorize the Patriot Act and if they don’t America will go to war again. People thought this was a terrorizing fear tactic but as simple as it was, this was just a fact.
Finally, using the right amount of fear will give the best chance to persuade the other person. A study of public service messages on AIDS found that if the messages were too aggressive or fearful, they were rejected by the intended audience; “a moderate amount of fear is the most effective attitude changer.” (Perry)Too much fear can be overwhelming to the target...

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