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Fca Business Strategy Essay

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Choose a company and determine long-term goals, scope, how intends to attain its goals, logic of strategy, tag-line and idea to convey, mission, purpose, values.

I choose to speak about F.C.A. Group, the newborn automotive company.

a) The group F.C.A. is committed to exploit the synergies created by the merger between the two industrial companies, in order to reduce costs and improve market penetration in the world. The aim is to rise F.C.A. to the main global producer of automobiles. Therefore, it is designed an international growth over the next five years, increasing sales in APAC and LATAM areas, especially in Brazil and China by localizing the production of vehicles through its ...view middle of the document...

.). He has also received many awards thanks to sustainability projects carried out over the years: "Best Green Engine of the Year 2013 'and' LCV Manufacturer of the Year". And thanks to Comau are pioneers in the field of industrial robotics. Each research of the group Fca is aimed at developing innovative solutions to meet the needs and expectations of customers. From the beginning, have been shown to give priority to the people, society and the environment.

d) The current market has more and more a global dimension and it is this logic that pursues the group Fca: its strategic plan will be successful because they can afford to expand its market in the areas of lower current sale. To work, it plans to study better every market segment to which it is addressed, paying attention to the demands of clients and investors. It can rely on advanced research centers, teams professionally prepared and updated, and brands able to satisfy every request.

e) The newborn F.C.A. has not yet developed its own tag-line, but it sure have inherited the modus pensandi Fiat. So the slogan “Drive by passion”, certainly captures the basic idea of the company. The idea that it wants to convey is that of a working group led by a passion for tradition, the automotive industry, which over the years,...

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