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Favoritiem At Workplace Essay

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* Acknowledgement 2
* Abstract 3
* Executive Summary 4
* Introduction
* Objective 6
* Methodology 10
* Results and Discussion 13
* Conclusion 19
* Limitation 20
* Appendices 21
* References 32


We would like to express our gratitude to all those who gave us the possibility to complete this work. The project wouldn’t have been completed without their help and support. We fulfill our duty of thanking them, to whom we are highly indebted.
We are deeply indebted to our Faculty Prof. A. K. Sinha whose help, stimulating suggestions and ...view middle of the document...

Executive Summary

Working in a group, liking, fondness or dislike happens between peers or between seniors or juniors. It is universal truth that fondness or disliking rises within the group or between the group and outsider. It is a human being characteristic of liking or disliking someone.
In such a way favoritism rises when we favor some one because of our fondness towards him or her. The practice of giving unfair preferential treatment to one person or group at the expense of another is called favoritism.
Favoritism or discrimination in the workplace transforms the workplace in to an unhealthier situation, where everyone keeps busy themselves in politicking the matters. If somewhere some issue arises then without seeing the criticality of the issue the employees keeps busy themselves in escalating the topic and try to accumulate point on that topic. Favoritism brings into the system unfairness, unequal distribution of work versus remunerations.
Lack of transparency in the system brings favoritism in the workplace. If the selection procedure, selection criteria, appraisal criteria becomes transparent then the system will more dynamic and unhealthier subject like favoritism will not come into the picture. High numbers of employees i.e., number of employees present is more than required for the project, past experience are the major reasons for favoritism.
By this research project we try to depict about the situations that indicates the signal of favoritism in the workplace. Each situation is connected with one attributes, sometimes the attributes connectedly making another situations.
Favoritism present in the workplace, it is universal. People working together in a group for one object, fondness and disliking is different from each other, every person has different perception according to his/her taste or behaviors. So, it is general that people working together in a group conflict will arise, because the interest may rear-end to each other.
From this research paper, we try to locate the various attributes present in various industries which signify the presence of favoritism. We have applied t-test. From this t-test we try to find out the relationship whether the sample data mean is significant or not. From the sample data mean we can portray the population data mean if the simple data is significant, that is the level of significance value,.
From the level of significance value, the sample data significance we will come to know, from that the inside scenario of the industry can be mapped in a simple way.

To identify the attributes that foster the occurrence of favoritism in the workplace and their existence in different types of industry.

Work is most important part of our life because it not only moulds our career but also precious hours of investment go into it. Everyone wants fair deal from life and their work; however problem arises when one faces bias in the workplace.
In a team...

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