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Fathers On Television Essay

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English 1113
26 October 2014
Fathers on Television
The article “Wow! A show with a smart father!” by Jaime J. Weinman argues that the role of a father on television is either portrayed negatively or basically nonexistent. She is able to provide numerous examples of television shows that have cut out the role of a father figure all together, it’s stated this may be for financial reasons. She also discusses television shows that portray the father in a negative way. The author then gives an example to the reader of a television show that depicts the father in a positive light. The father of Veronica Mars, Keith Mars, is said to be one of the few positive examples of a father ...view middle of the document...

The author makes it clear that the lack of fatherhood in television is overwhelming and that this trend has become the new norm. The author’s motive is simply to encourage more television shows to depict the father the way that Veronica Mars is able to. It’s unclear by reading this article to determine the author’s degree of expertise; however, the author does seem to be knowledgeable and is able to present facts clearly.
One particular constraint is the reader’s own belief of how fatherhood should be depicted or how a father is expected to interact with his children. In a family with a single mother it may be perfectly normal for the father to be viewed as basically nonexistent or very limited with his ability to truly provide guidance for his children. Also, many attitudes toward fatherhood, not just fathers on television, have changed greatly over the past few decades. It was once acceptable for the father to work and provide financially for the family without being a role model in other ways. The author is able to provide multiple resources and a style that is appealing to the reader. It is made clear what the author expects a father’s role to be and this is easily understood and reiterated at the closing of the article.
It has been brought to the reader’s attention that the way fatherhood is depicted on numerous television shows should be unacceptable to the viewers. The television shows that are popular and have been running for years are setting bad examples for the expectations of a father. The role of a father should be held to a higher standard and television shows such as Veronica Mars should become the new norm. Unfortunately it took years for television shows to evolve in this direction and it will probably take years for any changes to occur. The author has

successfully drawn attention to a topic that has been mostly...

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