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Fatherless America Essay

1941 words - 8 pages

LaVonica Newell
Ms. Robinson
English 105-20
14 April 2014
Annotated Bibliography
Bouma, Donald H. “Children Who Grew Up in Fatherless Households Complete Fewer Years of Schooling Than Others.” Family Planning Prospective 20.3 (1988): 148-149. JStor. Web. 12 April 2014.
Children who grow up in a fatherless home have a tendency to lose education. It surveys four groups: white men, white women, black men, and black women. White men lose education and then black men however white women lose more education than black women. Indicating the cause of this is because of the lack of financial resources. Being in a single parent home the parent will have to work hard to take care of the more ...view middle of the document...

“Single Mothers’ Views of Young Children’s Everyday Routines: A Focus Group Study.” Journal of Community Health Nursing 28.3 (2011): 144-155. Academic Search Premier. Web. 11 April 2014.
Previous results shows that a child will engage in fewer home routines, such as having the same meal time, bedtime, naps, and interactive activities. However single parent homes are less likely to maintain these daily routines. The absence of the reading child and the daily routines places a child a risk for physical problems. They will have trouble prioritizing and experience more frequent sleep problems. In goes deeper because a preschool child living in these less routine conditions will have sleeping problems and also probability of injury.
MacCallum, Fiona & Golombok, Susan. “Fatherless Families.” Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry 45.8 (2004): 1407-1419. Academic Search Premier. Web. 5 April 2014.
“Fatherless Families” elaborates on how fatherless families can sometimes consist on two women. It tells how lesbians tend to raise a child under their care but still not having the father role in the household. This situation will also mess with child a mentality because being raised in a heterosexual home the child experience more interaction with the mother. The child social and emotional developments are not negatively affected, but boys show more feminine but no less masculine characteristics. Although not having a father from immaturity, it influences the child and mother relationship.
Malik, Tamkeen Ashraf. Irshad, Nasira. “Parental Depression, Stress, Anxiety, and Childhood Behavior Problems Among Single Parent Families. Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society 9.1 (2012): 10-14. Academic Search Premier. Web. 12 April 2014.
Being a single mother, it sometimes gets hard to manage themselves to look after their children. In previous researches single parent increases the risk of emotional and behavioral problems among children. A child seems to have a psychological maladjustment, lower academic achievement, trouble getting along with the parent, and social difficulties. Study shows that depression is higher in single-parent homes rather than two- parent families.
Mavis, Hetherington E. “Effects of Father Absence.” Developmental Psychology 7.3 (1972): 313-326. PsycARTICLES. Web 5 April 2014.
“Effects of Father Absence” focuses on daughters and their behaviors based on their situation. If the mother and father are divorced, the daughter will seek attention from men, early heterosexual behavior, and nonverbal communication, such as openness. A daughter dealing with the death of the father is completely opposite. She will avoid any communication and restraint from males. It also says that early separation from fathers has move severe effects.
McLanahan, Sara; Tach, Laura; & Schneider, Daniel. “The Causal Effects of Father Absence.” Annual Review of Sociology 39.1 (2013): 399-427. Academic Search Premier. Web. 5 April 2014.

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