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Fate Put An End To Romeo And Juliet

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Is one’s destiny already determined, or does a person’s actions influence their future? Although some people believe that their actions lead to specific consequences, whether good or bad, fate has already determined their choices that lead to their future. One must realize that as one’s past cannot be altered, neither can one’s future. Your fate is written based on the way you’re going to act in the future, which is not the same thing as your actions determine your future. Romeo and Juliet were victims of fate. When considering the destruction of Romeo and Juliet, the most important fact you must think of is fate/destiny. In Romeo and Juliet, the “pair of star-crossed lovers” (prologue) were ...view middle of the document...

This set up everything up for Romeo and Juliet, because Rosaline was going to the party that provided Romeo with another reason to go to the party. Rosaline was destined to go so that it would interest Romeo to go to the party. Romeo and Juliet also wouldn’t have met if Capulet hadn’t allowed Romeo to stay at the party. “Content thee, gentle coz, let him alone” (act 1 scene 5, line 65). Romeo and Capulet and Romeo were enemies and it was in fate for Romeo and Juliet to meet because even though Capulet knew that Romeo was in his party and he wasn’t allowed, he still didn’t fight Romeo or say anything to him, because it was in fate for Romeo and Juliet to meet, and if Capulet had taken action, then Romeo and Juliet wouldn’t have met. Romeo thought that he would meet Rosaline at the party, which is why he went, but he actually meets Juliet which is fate. It couldn’t be human nature because no one wanted Romeo and Juliet to meet; they were destined to meet, which is why it was inevitable for them to meet each other. If Romeo and Juliet hadn’t met, the conclusion of this play would have been very different.

Fate controlled the timing of important things that could have made this play’s conclusion blissfully instead of woefully. Romeo got banished the same day he was married. “O I am fortune’s fool”. This quote proves that it was in fate for Romeo to kill Tybalt. Timing also affected Romeo and Juliet because Romeo drank the poison before Juliet woke up. IF she had woken up before he did it, then their deaths could have been prevented. It was in fate’s hands to control the timing and therefore they couldn’t control it. Also, the friar decided to go to the tomb as soon as he knew that his letter had not been delivered, but he was too late. “Saint Francis by my speed! How oft tonight have my old feet stumbled at graves” (act 5, scene 3, lines 123 and 122) IF he got there earlier, he could have explained Romeo about their plans and Romeo and Juliet could have escaped to Mantua. Romeo and Juliet’s tragedies were caused by fate because it controlled the timing. It controlled the timing of significant things that could have changed their entire lives.

Fate also put an end to Romeo and Juliet’s lives. In the Elizabethan times, people believed in the stars and that the stars controlled their fate. Romeo says, “Some...

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