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Fate In The Movie 300 Essay

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Fate and the movie 300
According to many past and present cultures, fate determines one's destiny. The social status in which one is born into serves as a preconceived prophecy of that particular life and course of events that will take place throughout it. Throughout history, personalities have not been believed to form from particular life experiences or the culture in which one was raised in. Instead, personality traits and the ultimate success of life were thought to be set in stone and predetermined. Often known as the first historian, Herodotus, author of The History, displays the importance of genetics and inborn qualities through his in depth narratives of 5th century B.C. empires: ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately for Astyages, his second dream, as interpreted by the Magi, also predicted the fall of his reign. However this time, it was his Grandson (soon to be named Cyrus) taking his title, who he did not think would be born with the appropriate qualities needed to rule an empire. To prevent this from happening, Astyages ordered his most faithful kinsman, Harpagus, to take care of the problem by killing Mandane's newborn son Cyrus. Unable to do so, Harpagus, passed this duty onward to a slave. However, this slave was also unable to complete Astyages' dirty work and instead, replaced Cyrus with his already diseased, stillborn child, raising Cyrus as his own. Sure enough, Cyrus was displaying leadership qualities only ten years later. During a game with other children his age, Cyrus was chosen to play as their king. After giving all the children orders, the son of a highly ranked Median refused to follow his command. As a result, Cyrus ordered all of the other children to have him arrested and whipped, which they immediately did in obedience. Even more angered than before, the arrested child told his father how he had been belittled by a “cowherd's son,” who then went straight to King Astyages with his complaint (Herodotus 1:115). Astyages brought Cyrus in, still unaware that they were kin, and asked him why he would dare treat the son of a high ranked official with such dishonor. Cyrus responded: “Master, I did this to him, and with justice I did it. For the children of the village, of whom he was one, in their play made me their king; and they judged that I was the most suited to the office. All the other boys did what I bade them do, but this one was deaf to my orders and would do none of them, until finally he was punished for it” (Herodotus 1:115). Astonished by Cyrus' great leadership skills and king-like qualities, he did some research and soon found out that Cyrus' was in fact his grandson. Immediately feeling remorseful for his actions, Astyages later told Cyrus: “My boy, I did you a wrong because of a vision I saw in a dream, a vision that found no fulfillment; but through your own destiny you have survived” (Herodotus 1:20). Afterwards, Cyrus was sent to Persia and was reunited with his parents
Through the vocabulary and context in which Herodotus tells this story, it is obvious he believes that Cyrus was able to climb to the top of this “social ladder” because of the leadership qualities that he was born with. Although this story was likely fabricated over time, Cyrus' identity established his desire to rule, which was immediately noticed by Astyages. Throughout the story, Herodotus never mentions luck and never associates Cyrus' rise to the top with randomness or chance. He tells the story as if Cyrus was destined to be a great leader all along, providing evidence of his belief that identity is formed through nature, giving Cyrus the inborn qualities which destined him for greatness.
The story of how the Scythian males...

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