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Fast Write Essay

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Felicia Campbell
English 120-21
Craig Smith
Fast Write Essay

Question 1:
If you were a parent how would you make sure that you child avoids second hand smoking?
Presenter: Charles Carol
Source: BBC News online, March 5th 2014

As a parent I really cannot avoid my child to be exposed to second hand smoking because it is in the air. What I would do is educate them about the negative effects smoking causes and tell them to try to avoid smoke filled areas as much as possible. As a parent I can only try to avoid ...view middle of the document...

Not only is it unclear but based on reports from other countries such as Barbados, the VAT has made their economy poorer. The standard of living has dropped and the middle class was eliminated. I think that it should be looked at more carefully before its is implemented in my country.

This question was an important and realistic one. It made me think of me and my country's well being. I would give the presenter and A.

Question 3:
Does a country have the right to refuse openly gay visitors to its shores?
Presenter: Felicia Campbell
Source: BBC News online, February 4th ,2014

I feel that a country does have the right to make a decision that is best for the over all well being of its citizens. I do not think they should refuse to serve them but implement codes of conduct for them while they are visiting. I think no commercializing of any gay actions is more than fair in a public setting.

I feel that this question was an important one. It made me think of what I want my children to be exposed to at an age where they are impressionable. I would give the presenter an A

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