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Fast Serve Essay

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aRunning head: Employment Conflict Management Techniques

Employment Conflict Management Techniques
Roxanne Martz
University of Phoenix
Instructor Kenneth Hadzinski

November 1, 2010
Employment Conflict Management
FastServe Inc, a 25 million dollar company of branded sports apparel, recently opened two online marketing venues geared toward sports enthusiastic youth. With 350 employees, FastServe directed 10% of its workforce to the online distribution project. Using today’s technology, three D ‘Drape-n-see’ mannequins, attracted the attention of the intended audience, but the graphics were difficult to download and sales made didn’t cover the operating expenses of the new ...view middle of the document...

His status as Head of Technology may have been used as a power currency (Wilmot-Hocker 2007), creating a power struggle between Brian and his colleagues. Using his status to compensate for his lack of skills can be seen as a desperate attempt to maintain his employment. Brian has been absent 17 days in the past two months. Management has determined it would be too expensive to retrain him, as his skills are redundant and it would not be in the best interest of the company to keep him on staff. At his exit interview, Brian will be given outplacement support. Legal counsels concern is with the ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act. Brian was not let go because of his claimed carpal tunnel syndrome. Because of the failure of the online media project that he designed, retaining Brian would not meet the business objective. FastServe has a genuine reason to release Carter from his contract. Jenny Mills is one employee the company has concerns about. Her productivity has been median and her skills are not considered critical. She has been absent 14 days in the last month and is five months pregnant. Her call center supervisor states that she takes frequent breaks, causing dissent among her male coworkers. Her supervisor’s view of Jenny’s role may be seen as a gender filter, affecting how her supervisor communicates with her and the male staff. He may have allowed her to take breaks whenever she felt the need to, based on her gender and her supervisor may have seen himself as a protector and not set a clear guideline regarding how many breaks employees can have. She may look at her role as a clerk as being less valuable or different from the men she works with and so she took advantage of her situation by taking more frequent breaks and was absent more. As part of the Social learning theory, as individuals we learn from our upbringing our places in this world. Boys are taught to be the protectors, play with cars and guns, girls are taught to be sweet and gentle, wear dresses, and play with dolls. When we bring these attitudes to the workplace, it can hinder our performance and affect communication among our coworkers of the opposite sex. When consulting legal counsel, they advised HR if her taking too frequent breaks are the only reason for the layoff, there may be issues with the EEOC und the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. The company states her skills are non-critical and based on past performance and attendance, they believe they have justification to release her from her contract.
Sarah Boyd, a 53- year-old clerk in the dispatch department, has been with FastServe Inc for 15 years. With the Dispatch being automated, her skills will be redundant and management does not see her fitting well anywhere else in the company. By offering a severance package, management feels comfortable with the decision to lay off the fulltime employee. Concerns here would be with ADEA, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, which disallows discrimination based on...

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