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Fast Growing Organization Due To Software Defined Data Center Market

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The IT industry is growing due to increasing demand of IT related services by end-users throughout the world. IT services enable organizations to benefit from lesser time to market. IT related services are also used by organizations to manage their entire vendor and client network effectively. Due to increasing use of IT related services by organizations, managing of traditional datacenter is going to become more complex in long run. Thus, organizations are now opting for new ways in order to deliver and manage their IT services with fewer infrastructures. Organizations want to decrease their overhead cost and expand their operation in lesser time. Thus, the concept of software defined data center becomes prominent for a fast growing organization.

Software defined data center is basically a virtual IT infrastructure that delivers all elements of a traditional infrastructure such as network, server and storage according to the organization’s demand. This helps ...view middle of the document...

Software defined data center can be installed in organization’s own datacenter through a service provider. These help organizations to manage their existing datacenter efficiently through a suite of service provider software. Generally, organizations assign individual infrastructure for efficiently operating each application in the system. Therefore, the cost associated with maintaining multiple infrastructure increases as an organization has to operate multiple applications. Software defined data center enables the organizations to club all application system under one infrastructure. This allows organizations to utilize existing data storage space for future purpose.

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Software defined data center helps to overcome problems associated with flexibility, scalability and management of multiple infrastructures. With introduction of cloud based services, organizations are able to provide better service to their end-user and upgrade service in lesser time. Most of the organizations are increasingly choosing private and hybrid cloud solutions to reduce their cost and deliver service in less time. Cloud based system involves complex operational challenges due to integration of multiple client system under one cloud based system. Software defined data center helps to isolate individual client system through offering separate virtual network and storage solution through use of software system. Thus, the problem associated with breaching of data security is minimized.

Software defined data center resolve the problem of interoperability through integration of different application under a common infrastructure. Due to increasing demand of cloud based service, the market for software defined data center is going to increase in coming years. Software defined data center is finding its application in areas of cloud computing, telecom providers and large IT enterprises.

Some of the key software defined data center service providers are IBM Corporation, Cisco Systems, Inc., Oracle Corporation, EMC Corporation, VMware, Inc., Hitachi Data Systems, Hewlett-Packard Development Company L.P, Dell, Inc. and Intel Corporation.

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