Fast Food, Roughly Speaking Essay

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Fast Food, Roughly Speaking
We live in the health conscious society. Every day we are bombarded with nightly news broadcasts discussing various risks involving the so called “plague” of fast food on this great nation. As an admitted convenience junkie, I am fascinated with the way various staples of the fast food lexicon are repurposed to the foreign nations. With my final paper analysis, I intend to research the way every culture interprets menu items. What makes the fast food experience different in other nations?
Early in its inception, fast food was a relatively obscure way to feed a family of four. Sprung forth from this United ...view middle of the document...

In the article, “A New Fast-Food Invasion” by Joel Stein, he
discusses the world-wide phenomenon of this industry. When it comes to choosing this piece as a
source for my final paper, there are a few questions I need to ask myself.

This article does discuss part of my topic. It focuses more on the Universal branching out of fast
food. When McDonald’s opens chains everyday around the world, each location puts their own unique
twist on items that would be normal to us in the states. This helps the franchise to soar everywhere it
goes, almost as if each fast-food chain becomes a chameleon of sorts, able to adapt wherever it goes. I
enjoy the author describing common fast food staples such as pizza, hamburgers, fried chicken, etc. as
“a giant game of telephone”. We create these items locally and then they are sent out to the rest of the
world where they become modified for every culture. I think that’s a unique way of describing it
This is where the article becomes tricky to me. With so many gems about other things that
occur in the industry, it is very easy to get off topic. The article doesn’t appear to be contradictory in
any way, but there also may not be the right substance as well to use as a source. I haven’t seen others
refer to this article, all though it was published fairly recently. My main three bullet points are
lacking, this may cause me to abandon the article as a usable source

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