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Fast Food Nation Research Essay

2040 words - 9 pages

Miranda Ortega
Mrs. Goulding
AP English p.6
17 Dec. 2014
Fast Food Nation Research: The effects of Advertising

    When craving a fast food restaurant, the images of the commercials plays an important role to the customers order. Eric Schlosser stated that, “A generation ago, three-quarters of the money used to buy food in the United States was spent to prepare meals at home. Today about half of the money used to buy food is spent at restaurants--mainly at fast food restaurants.” Schlosser went ‘behind the scenes’ of every popular fast food chain and discovered what Americans were eating, was quite shocking. There were accidents in the factories, that killed people, un-sanitized meat ...view middle of the document...

To prove this claim Schlosser wrote,”Although the fast food chains annually spend about $43 billion on television advertising, their marketing efforts directed at children extend beyond such conventional ads.”(Schlosser 47) Advertising is shown to be very aggressive knowing the time and effort researchers will put in to attract the targeted customer. Fast food chains have proved to me that there is no limit on how far they will go to make sure their product is a success. Commodity prices have fallen to the point where the “fast food industry has greatly increased its portion sizes, without reducing profits, in order to attract customers.”(Schlosser 241) The decrease in price makes food more affordable and is an advertisement by itself because most people are easily attracted to this, especially if they’re on a budget and on the go. The increase of obesity in the world was an effect of advertising; it is something that is hard to get away from since it is now all over the world.
    Marketers spend money on the playgrounds at fast food chains, the toys found in kids meals, and even other advertisements on the internet. These marketers study their targets and,“Marketers now use different terms...such as ‘leverage,’ ‘nudge factor,’ ‘pestor power.’’’(Schlosser 43) As you can see to a great extend the determination does not end. They use these terms to describe the children who are targeted by their ads. Children is one of the most targeted groups. Todays researchers “not only conduct surveys of children in shopping malls, they also organize focus groups for kids as young as two or three,” stated Schlosser.(Schlosser 44) Marketers not only used these techniques to target children and other groups but also advertised in schools, foreign countries and use synergy to promote two businesses at one time.
    Two of the first people to come together and put synergy into action were Walt Disney and Ray Kroc. They were both from Illinois, they both new each other as young men but most importantly they both had “the same optimistic faith in technology, the same conservative political views.”(Schlosser 33) They had both dropped out of high school to pursue their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. When Ray Kroc had become successful with McDonalds and Disney with Disneyland, “The ethos of McDonalds land and of Disneyland, never far apart, have finally become one.”(Schlosser 49) The two largest companies, during and after WW2, had united to promote the others company. It was a win-win for both of them.
    This eventually led to Carl’s Jr. and Green Burrito to become one restaurant and even Nickelodeon and Burger King. Companies were signing contracts and deals because this soon became a competition between one another. McDonalds not only joined with Disney but it also managed to advertise the newest trending toy. In April of 1997, over the course of ten days,”by including a Teenie Beanie baby with each purchase, McDonalds sold $100 million Happy...

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