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Fast Food Nation And The Jungle Analysis

1927 words - 8 pages

Emily Andes
Mr. Hardy
AP English 3
Period 2
Literary Analysis Essay
The Jungle and Fast Food Nation have become two worldwide known books for exposing the meat industry, and both were able to change the viewpoints of many people on what they eat. With the meat sales sky rocketing since 1961, our society can thank the inspections and production side of the meat industry. The Jungle, written by Upton Sinclair, was one of the first books to uncover the gruesome side of the meat packing factories. With this book the world was introduced to the exposed side of the meat factories in unsanitary conditions. Of course, Sinclair’s intention was not to write The Jungle in an effort to unveil the ...view middle of the document...

29, Fast Food Nation). Schlosser uses ethos rather well, by giving all these statistics to convince readers that the way meat is processed now a days is still causing health concerns for the meat being served through drive thru windows we’ve all come to recognize. What most people don’t know is where their meat is coming from. Is it coming from a small farm where all animals are treated well and when the time comes for them to be slaughtered it is done in the most humane way possible? Or is every chicken nugget from McDonald’s coming from a chicken slaughter house where they are all fed growth hormones and live in their filth? Most often, these animals we’re eating are being tortured in their own feces, and once they’ve grown big enough, they’re slaughtered.
Leading to the slaughtering of animals, Schlosser begins using pathos by introducing characters and real experiences that factory workers face in a slaughter house or meat packing factory. His diction choices during this section of the book become vivid with examples of past of employees of a packing plants who have lost limbs while on the job. “Carcasses swing so fast along the rail that you have to keep an eye on them constantly, dodge them, watch your step, or one will slam you and throw you onto the bloody concrete floor. It happens all the time” (p.64 Fast Food Nation) This really shows that employers don’t care about their employees, they solely believe that
Andes 3
as long as their products are being sent out and as long as they are making money, life is good. On the other hand, the employees are experiencing awful working conditions, unsanitary work places, no disease prevention, and much more. With OSHA factories are to abide by the laws that they’ve posted, but of course, every business is checked every so many years and don’t always follow the laws and guidelines. Beyond not taking care of their employees, each employee is entitled to workers comp if they are harmed on the job, yet employers have commonly allowed employees to make the decision to quit, or they can be terminated and still receive workers comp of they do not report their injury happening within their company. With this, employers and their businesses will not have to worry about additional inspections where they are certain they may be shut down if an OSHA representative was to see their awful working conditions. Schlosser accurately makes readers feel bad for the employees at these factories, giving off a perfect example of appealing to emotion.
Not only does Fast Food Nation give the appeal to emotion using pathos, and uses ethos for credibility of all the statements Schlosser uses, it also includes logos, for the logical reasoning this book was intended for. Schlosser was trying to get the message across that fast food is unhealthy, the meat is coming from factories where God knows what is touching the meat we’re supposed to eat once delivered to the restaurants. He gives us concrete facts about everything...

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