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Fast Food Nation Essay

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“Fast Food Nation”
We all see the advertising and marketing for the big fast food chains such as, McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s everywhere we go, it is hard to miss. A hefty majority of Americans continue to eat there a few times a week even though it is well-known this poor excuse for food is extremely unhealthy. It is just so convenient, they can be found everywhere, they have cheap prices, and the food tastes so good. It is a common misconception that these places are still acceptable to go to. Fast food has emerged into the most prominent symbol of American society, and that does not appear to be changing anytime soon.
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This term is just another name for man-made additives. That is the source of the great taste not only used for McDonald’s fries, but most of the processed foods we eat. “About 90 percent of the money that Americans spend on food is used to buy processed foods. But the canning, freezing and dehydrating techniques used to process food destroy most of its flavor.” (Schlosser 120). So instead these companies just add a bunch of man-made chemicals to this unnatural food so it tastes like the real stuff.
The industry which makes these flavoring additives is very secretive. Fast food companies do not want the public to know that what they taste when they eat that food is actually just a bunch of chemicals we know little about. International Flavors and Fragrances is located in Dayton, New Jersey and they are the world’s largest company in this industry. McDonalds and other fast food corporations are great at marketing and advertising. Memory and smell are very closely linked. During childhood, people develop their likes and dislikes. They will remember happy times eating the fast food that tastes so good, and subconsciously be attached. Therefore, another technique these corporations use is to target children with items like “Happy Meals”. The taste and smell of this food will evoke those good memories and this partially explains why some people crave this food all the time and are such frequent customers. Studies show that color also has a large effect on how taste is perceived. Fast food companies also use man-made additives...

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