Fast Food Industry Australia Essay

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Strategic analysis and Strategic Analysis tools

Name : Eduardo Christian Rodriguez Munoz
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Subject : Competitive Analysis
Course Code : BUMKT5922
Lecturer : Sally-Anne Leigh

Due : 8 June 2014
Word limit : 2271


Fast Food industry analysis 5
PESTLE analysis 5
Political and Legal 5
Economical 6
Social 6
Technological 7
Environmental 8
Porter’s Five Forces Framework 8
Threats of new entrants 8
Bargaining Power of Buyers 9
Bargaining power of suppliers 9
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The choice to develop this report has been Subway.
Subway is a multinational company that is well known in Australia and in the world. This report is going to show an internal environment analysis of Subway through its strengths and weakness where is going to be identified its key resources, capabilities and competencies and also its key success factor that have allowed to Subway to be in a good position in the actual market.
To finalize this report, is going to choose a generic strategic to discuss advantages and disadvantages to be successful in Australian market.
Finally, a conclusion which shows a brief summary about what was showed in this report specially focused in strategic for the company to create more sales and how this company is creating value for customers and especially how this company is maintaining its own strategies to reach and to be a competitive company in the medium and long term.


Nowadays Australians go to the fast food restaurants nearly every week, this is 4 times a year and 56 times a year, is a lot. Australians make 51.5 million visits to fast food restaurants every month. (Good Food, 2014)
Actually in Australia are 1254 Subways, 300 Hungry Jacks, 780 McDonald's, 600 KFCs and 845 Domino's, here in Australia and in New Zealand. (, 2011) 

The following report is going to show the analysis of the micro and macro fast food industry environment and the specific situation for Subway as examples of the company, showing the framework to do a development about Subway and its position in the fast food industry. The resources, capabilities and competencies evaluation is conducted to recognize the main characteristics that each industry posses in order to be competitive.
To sum up, this is a mainly focused report which illustrate study of the currently environment of the industry with the objective the company position and its conditions mainly to show how Subway is creating value to the clients and also value for firm itself.
Finally I have to say that I have experience in restaurant here in Australia, due to I was following really close a friend who had a restaurant in Melbourne Australia which name was Latin Passion Restobar, which was located in 406 Brunswick St, Fitzroy 3065, which had fast food and typical food from Latin America.


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The lifestyles of Australian changed strongly over the last 20 years, this due to there are more women working and even people which are working more hours. (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2006). By needs of Australians, currently food and also mealtimes have changed dramatically and the industry of fast food has been really quick to make easy solutions for the...

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