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Fast Food Effects On Advertisements Essay

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“Islands Fine Burger and Drinks” is what the sign illustrated as I passed by this newly opened restaurant located in Chino, California that portrays a log cabin tropical island theme. One hostess greets their guests or customers as they curiously entered the restaurant while the other hostess prepares the guest list. Each group of customers patiently walks in and puts their names and their party size on a long list posted on the wall. Waiting in line behind what must have been 20 strangers seemed dreadful. However, the waiters or waitresses accommodate their customers quite rapidly and take no more than fifteen minutes before we got to sit at a table. As we follow the waiter to our table, ...view middle of the document...

One of the reasons hungry customers come to Islands to dine is because of their grade “A” for the overall condition of the restaurant and kitchen. If you request to be toured around the kitchen, the managers would be gladly to show you. You can see that the chefs or employees, who prepare the food or working near food in the kitchen, all wear hair nets or chef hats. The hand washing facilities are properly installed and easy to access; thus, all employees at Islands frequently wash their hands after each meal preparation and before leaving the restroom. There are always a group of employees in charge of properly and safely cleaning and sanitizing the utensils and cooking equipments on a regular basis. If any employees who are down with a cold or flu like symptoms or with a contagious infection, they are restricted from working in the restaurant until the disease is completely gone. On top of that, you do not see any trace of rodents, bugs, insects, or any other types of animal throughout the entire restaurant. The garbage cans are never full because the janitorial employees are always emptying and cleaning them with cautions. If there is a spill, you will see the restaurant janitor at the messy spot right away and a “wet floor” signs next to it so that the customers can avoid the slippery area. Lastly, the restroom’s doors are installed with a “Sanitary Door Opener,” it allows the customers or anyone to open it with their forearms instead of their hands. That way it gives the customers or anyone who wish to use the restrooms the sanitary assurance. It also reduces paper towel waste and clutter that you always see in public restrooms.
Another reason customers come to Islands is because of the services that the restaurant offers. With endless refill of drinks and French fries, waiters and waitresses roam throughout the restaurant area picking up orders and refills nonstop. Although they are floating around accommodating new customers, I was asked by different servers every seven minutes or so to assure that we were completely satisfied. In addition, our drinks and French fries were always filled before being asked if we would like more. All the employees were extremely helpful, friendly, and enthusiastic. Anytime anyone needed anything a waiter or waitress would rush over to assist you with anything, from getting condiments, to helping the elder get to their table or destination. The menu is well put together so that the guests reading will open up and jump straight into the starting appetizers. After choosing the appetizers, the main entrée is listed from their specialty burgers down to their regular dishes. At the end of the menu signals the end of the meal and listing various different types of desserts. Once the food comes out and if there are any discrepancies with any of the orders, the restaurant will be more than happy to accommodate the guests with whatever the original order was plus the order they had wrong is kept free of charge as...

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