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Fast Food Essay

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Negative Impacts of Fast Food
America is one the countries that have the most oversize population in the world and every day one of four Americans visits fast food restaurants. Fast food is usually packed with fat, sugar and salt which make it so unhealthy. There are many different reasons people go to fast food restaurants rather than eating at home. People eat at fast food restaurant because it is convenient, cheap, tasty and quick. We no longer live in the good old days when women would stay home to cook, clean, and take care of the kids. Women have invaded the work industry by taking over jobs that in the past only men would have, and now share those jobs with men. Nowadays, most ...view middle of the document...

Fast food industries identify their target customer as children and create promotional partnerships with toy manufacturers to attract children by toys and colorful characters like Ronald McDonald. For example, McDonald’s Corporation decided to create character and added “Play land” to their restaurant to increase the number of children and their family as a consumer. The idea is to give away simple toys with children’s meals; kids would encourage their parents to take them more frequently, so that they can collect the entire set being advertised on TV (Schlosser 47). As a result, parents spend more money in fast food restaurants, rather than to buy organic and healthy food which has a good nutrition balance for their children. In fact, fast food industries make the unhealthy products and make them look attractive to children by the advertisements. For instance, McDonald’s Corporations order more toy than Toys-R-Us Company every year (Super Size Me). Almost 90 percent of American children eat at McDonald’s restaurant every month (Schlosser 262). Definitely, advertizing fast food toward children has become a big problem for our society. According to the research that has been done by some experts on childhood obesity, more than 16 percent of children are overweight or obese. This rate is almost tripled in the past 30 years and over 30 million children are obese or overweight in the United State. Childhood obesity increased the chances for obese child to become obese adult as well. In addition, Obesity is physical and mental condition, which can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer. The time between 2008 and 2009, the appraisal medication expenses for the children who were suffering from obesity were about 71 billion dollars (Green et al.).
It is clear that childhood obesity is an issue that must be taken seriously, and a huge part of preventing the increasing rate of this issue is to reduce the influence of the fast food industry in our children’s health.  Every year, the fast food industry spends billions of dollars on TV advertising as well as other media. For example, McDonald’s alone spends 1.4 billion dollars on advertizing every year (Super Size Me). At least, government should have some limitations for advertising junk food for children and create laws for Media to have the certain time of commercials for healthy food on television. For instance, fast food advertisement for children in media has been against the law for the past 32 years in Quebec. According to the article “Limit Fast Food Advertising toward Kids, Lower Childhood Obesity Rates” in the July 20, 2012 children in Quebec used 13.4 to18.4 billion less amounts of fast food calories per year due to the limitations on advertizing. Also, children spent $88 million less on fast food restaurant and Quebec became one of the lowest childhood obesity rates in Canada (Imus). Congress needs to pay attention to the long term effect of advertising fast food for...

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