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Fantasia Essay

776 words - 4 pages

Isis McCullough
RIM 3780
Professor Keel
November 22, 2010

Three long years have elapse since Fantasia Barrino released a new album. “Back To Me” is her third album, and I must say this album is a hit. This album went back to what’s missing in the R&B world such as great melody, meaningful lyrics, and soulful singing.
The first single, “Bittersweet” is talking about being in love with someone can be pleasant, but then it can be sour.
“You know sometimes you have to put yourself first” are the first words you hear when you listen to this album. “I’m Doing Me” is the second single off the album that has raised to the No. 16 spot on Billboards’ R&B/Hip-Hop chart.
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“Teach Me” and “Move On Me” are blazing tracks. Both songs have that Caribbean and Bollywood sound with Fantasias’ kiddy voice at the end with a slight laugh.
“It was fun, but now we’re done” are the lyrics on “The Thrill Is Gone,” which featured Cee-lo Green of Gnarls Barkley. This song have that Isaac Hayes Stax Records sound. The drums are heavy in the background with the background vocals of the 1967 soul singers.
The last track on the album is “I’m Here,” which is from the successful musical, “The Color Purple.” While taking a break from the music scene, Fantasia played the role of Celie. You can feel the emotions in that song.
The album package is beautiful done. The cover is an appealing picture of Fantasia dressed in an asymmetric purple silk dress. The background color for the cover is black with purple hue. The inside cover colors are purple with the songs wrote in yellow and the credits in pink writing. Then she has a pink background with yellow writing. There are three pictures of Fantasia that are simple but elegant.
In the thank you section, she thanks her dad for being there for her, even though he sued her in the beginning of...

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