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Family Values Essay

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Family Values
University of Phoenix
NUR 542
October 7, 2013
Danielle Patrick

Family Values
It is no secret family life affects every individual throughout their lives. It is therefore very important to study how family systems can affect its members in health promotion. This discussion will also touch on how family systems interact and work together to promote health among its members. The concept of family will also be discussed in the context of surgical nursing practice used today in acute care settings. This subject leads into what nursing theory is most conducive to current surgical nursing practices.
Family as a System
The family is the primary source for health behaviors ...view middle of the document...

Of course, the higher the risk of the surgery the more impact of consequences to the patient and his or her family members. It is established that strong family support before during and after surgical intervention enhances outcomes. The concept of family most used in surgery today can be closely linked with Nightingale’s nursing theory. Nightingale’s focus on the patient’s environmental status is most helpful. The health of houses, ventilation, light, noise, personal cleanliness, cleanliness of rooms and walls, and bed and bedding are all considered paramount for nature to act upon the patient and assist with achieving maximum health of the patient postoperatively (George, 2011). Nightingale does not specifically address interpersonal relations, but it is implied the family providing the care will have a major impact on the patient’s environment at home. The family must be involved in every aspect of the perioperative experience from the beginning of the preoperative appointment where vital information and learning is disseminated. In this period the patient and family member will get an idea of what is expected for support directly before surgery and after discharge for home care. The family is charged with providing the aforementioned environment at home after discharge from the perioperative setting. At the preoperative appointment the family and patient understand that support is a necessity. The family does not need to accompany the patient to preoperative activity on the day of surgery, but it is highly advised for support of the patient. The family will then be available to take the family member home after surgery as the patient cannot transport themselves.
Nursing Theory
Communication with family members on the day of surgery is of paramount importance. Anxiety is running high for the entire family unit. The better the communication from nursing to family, the better the outcome and patient/family satisfaction. The theory most conducive to this environment is Roy’s Adaptive Model (RAM). Assessment of adaptive...

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