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Family Value Essay

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Family values
June 10, 2013
Dr. Danielle Patrick

Family values
“Family” is used often when people try to emphasize the support system they have in their lives. The concept of family in the health care system is the immediate, external, environmental factors that influence patient’s health status. Family is an integral part of nursing care delivery. According to Garwick (2003) “family health nursing provides the conceptual foundations of family nursing across the life span” (p. 284). Patient-family-nursing is the trend of health care service today, but the concept is rooted as early as 1950s with ...view middle of the document...

Because of diversity, nurses provide care culturally competence to reach patient and family needs. Cultural competence meets the three concepts of care such as respect, collaboration, and communication. They are important in nursing practice to play the role of advocates for patient, and to reach patient and family’s goal. Roy’s adaptive model theory presented a comprehensive aspect of family members’ role and nurses. For her each patient’s adaptation level is fulfilled through the kind of support he or she receives from the family. Nurse’s role is to promote adaptation in those four level cares such as physiologic needs, role function, self-concept, and inter-dependence, and to reach patient-family at their level of comprehension (Nayback, 2009). According to Mitchell, Chaboyer, Burmeister, & Foster (2009) “patient and family centered care applies to patients of all ages, and in any health care setting system” (p. 544).
Concept of Family - Theory in area of Nursing Practice
The concepts of family used in the nursing practice are Parse and Watson’s theories. Those two theorists invited nurses to play the role of liaison to coordinate patient care. As a result to help patient and family reach the level of care expected. The concept of mind-body-spirit presented by theorist Jean Watson, are subject to change from one moment to another. Family is the only external elements of the environment that can help patient find the equilibrium. Family is the main support system. Parse’s concept of care is based on eight dimensions for patient-family centered care. She focused on the access of health care services, respect for patient’s values, preference of care, integration of family in the coordination of care, encourage patient, and family to access information. Nurses’ role is to educate, provide physical comfort, emotional support, and alleviate patient-family fear and anxiety to continue care in a home-based setting (George, 2011). Denham (2003) described home as “where health is learned, lived, and experienced, as well as being the niche were multiple members encounter and respond to disease, illness across the life course” (149). Those two theorists are very pragmatic in the way the approach the application of nursing-family centered care. Their concept view patient-family in their wholeness and address the gaps.
Theory in area of practice
Out-patient care clinic depend on patient-family nursing care to reach patient’s goal. Patient and family are usually advice to contact his or her primary care team for any deviation in his or her health status, or questions. This strategy not only help patient and family to manage chronic disease but also when acute illness occur in patient’s life, patient can rely on the same support system. The cost of care is well managed at a clinic setting, and prevention is the key for success. Health care team has for objective to teach and...

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