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Family Types Essay

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Family experience

There are many different type of families that one can be associated to. In the era we live in, we have defined family type to be the following: adoptive, bi-racial or multi racial, blended, broken home, co-custody, conditionally separated, extended, foster, gay or lesbian, immigrant, migrant, nuclear, single parent and transnational family. An individual being raised in such structure can either gain advantage from the situation or be put into disadvantage.
The family structure that I belong to is called an extended family. This is defined as where you would have your great grandparent, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brother, sisters, nephews, mother and ...view middle of the document...

The weekends was the best, because you could have a small mini party with all the cousins.
When a member of the household is to get married, they are given the option if they would like to continue and stay with the family or would they prefer to move out and build their own nest. Majority of the times, the individual would most likely buy the property next to the house and destroy the common barriers to extend the family or they would move out into a different part of the community or town.
The concept of extended family has started to die out where now most individuals have started to have a nuclear family environment. This is defined to where a couple starts their lives together and have children. They still do interact with their immediate families and cousins and stay connected, however a nuclear family is solely dependent about the two members (husband & wife) to be the sole income generator.
Advantages in having an extended family is when you are married and have children, you can have your children be taken care of by your parents or even cousins, allowing you to have the freedom to go to work or even parties with your spouse of friends. Other advantages would be monetary in a sense that you...

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