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Family Television Review Golden Girls

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Family Television Review- Golden Girls
One of my favorite memories growing up was watching the Golden Girls with Mother every Saturday night with my mother. This show originally aired from 1985-1992 but can still be seen on Hallmark every week. The show is based on four middle aged women roommates Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia who are different in almost every way. Today as I watch the episodes the jokes that once went over my head now have taken on new meaning. When I was younger I did not realize how many controversial topics the show covered.
Dorothy is a sarcastic high school substitute teacher. Her persona comes off as her intelligence makes her superior to the other women in ...view middle of the document...

Sophia pointed out the heart loves who it loves no matter what is on the outside. “What may be right for us who are Heterosexual, may not be for those who are Homosexual.” (Season 4, Episode 85) Blanche was following her upbringing of how only a man and a woman should be married, yet it took Sophia to show compassion and acceptance. Watching this episode reminds me of how my mother raised me to be patient, open minded and compassionate with people’s feelings.
These women are friends who have become family. They show viewers family does not have to be biological, if you truly care for your friends they too can be your family. The show’s theme song, “Thank you for being a Friend” describes how each they feel regarding the friendships they have built together. They are best friends who have grown to love each other creating an unbreakable bond. My very best and oldest friend which began the same year The Golden Girls first aired also watches this show on reruns. She and I have an extremely strong bond just as these women...

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