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Family Television Review

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November 20, 2010
Christian Worldview 101
Joshua Hartwell

Family Television Review
I am doing my Family Television Review based of the television show Full House change the first sentence. When writing attempt to use a sentence that will want the reader to continue reading your writing.. I chose this program based on it being a family based situation comedy that I use to watch when I was younger. My observation is based on their family values and how they behave as a family, which relates to my values now as an adult.
In Full House, I believe they had great family values. They were always there when someone needed them. I remember one episode, for example, where the character DJ was invited to a pool party. She was trying to get into better shape before the party to look good in her swimsuit. She started to skip meals and eat very little which lead to her not eating at all. Her family decided to go to the gym as a family so they ...view middle of the document...

Initially they tried to find another car similar to his car and pass it off as Danny’s car, however they eventually were caught and told the truth about what happened to the car. Although upset, Danny forgave them and they worked out a deal to get another car. That relates to my core values in regards to lying. There has been times where my children have thought lying to me would keep them out of trouble. For example, I told them to clean their room. They thought they would get away with throwing all their toys under the bed. Before I walked into their room, I asked them if I was going to find toys under their beds. They both told me “no.” I walked into their room and could see toys under the edge of their bed. I had a talk with them about lying and how it is not good to lie because then people will not trust them when they talk to them. After having a talk with them about lying, I helped them clean their room to how it should have been, and I let them know that I forgave them for not telling me the truth and how from now on they should always tell the truth because it will not get them into as much trouble as a lie. Condense this paragraph
Full House did impact my view of what a family is. I did not have a horrible childhood, but it was not the best either. My mother and father were not there when I needed to talk to them about problems, which lead to me, eventually moving out at seventeen and getting pregnant with my first child. In Full House, they could go to anyone in their family to talk to them. This show had a very positive influence on my personal view of what a family is and how a family should behave, and it is what I try to do for my family now. I want my children to be able to come and talk to me whenever they are having problems or just need to talk about something without having to worry about me getting upset or judging them.

The content of this paper is good. The comments inserted are only provided to help with your writing. Keep up the good work on your future assignments.
The situation comedy Full House season 4 episode 8

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