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Family Studies Essay

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Precious Jackson
7th Period
Family Studies
“Precious’s Life”

People always see me as a very energetic, funny, intelligent young lady. When others see me they, they say I brighten up their days. I’m always cracking jokes. Those that know me well say that I’m just a happy person. I guess that’s why my mother named me “Precious”. People seem to always have precious moments with me.
Now, I know you guys want to know more about me, so let me get into details here. Let’s just say, I’m short, 5’3 and I’m about 140 ...view middle of the document...

My name basically says it all, “Precious”, a very valuable, energetic, fun person. I'm not going to say I'm a heartthrob, but I'm such a sweetheart. I personally hate to see people down and hurting. My jolly and goofy ways will change a person’s whole mood that day. I always keep a smile on my face majority of the time unless I'm going through a bad moment or something. When in a bad mood or something I get impatient of things and irritated. I’d prefer to be around a lot of happy, positive people so that I wouldn’t get some impatient that I’d go off and just blank out. No! Don’t think just because I will get irritated and blank out that I’d be a mean person. I'm as caring as a care bear. Yes! That’s me. I have a very kindhearted and helpful person. I have a wild personality that a person would fall in love with! What about your personality?
Are there any favorite quotes or nicknames you have? Well, I do. All my school buddies and family members call me PJAY short standard for my whole name, Precious Jackson. When people see me they are like “Hey wassup PJay”. Yeah that’s everyone’s favorite line to say when they see me. Sometimes my friends or family members call me pie face also. They say my face is fat and round like a cherry pie. I like when they call me different nicknames I just be laughing. There's more nicknames they call me but there’s too many to name. What are some silly nicknames your friends call you?
On the other hand, let me tell you more things about me, like my interests in life, hobbies and more. Well, I'm a cheerleader for my school which is Kirby High and I’ve been cheering since elementary, but stopped in the ninth grade and started back my twelve grade year. I love cheering. It brings out my spirit I have for my school and myself also. I love the fact of dressing up in the uniform and the make-up. It’s all about me when I'm in that uniform. Besides cheering I do other things too. I help my younger siblings with their homework when they need it, go to different stores to shop and hang out with my friends, listen to music and let’s not forget I do hair too. Yes, I have other things I love to do but these are the main ones. So what interests you guys in life? What are some of your favorite hobbies and so on?
Although, I love cheering, being helpful towards my siblings and so on this is my passion. It’s always been my passion to do those things anyways. Actually in my spare time to myself the money I be having from saved up I pay off my debts such as cheerleading, phone bill, school supplies and etc. I can manage my own money really well. That’s why I'm able to do so much. And if I have it I don’t mind giving it. That’s how you get your blessings. That’s why people always say that I'm so caring and nice towards a lot of people. I love helping people out if I have it. What about you? Do you do for others and spend money wisely for your needs and wants?
In order for me to help out others and myself, I...

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