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Family Planning Essay

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In 2003, there is about 84 million population expected to grow annually at 2.36 percent. With this rate, the population is expected to double in 29 years. The 2003 total fertility rate in the country remains at 3.5 children per woman, much higher than the desired fertility rate of 2.5 children per woman. The contraceptive prevalence rate has increased gradually from 15.4 (1996) to 48.9% (NDHS, 2003) in 35 years. There are about 3 to 4 million women getting pregnant every year. In developing countries, about 85% of all pregnancies are expected to progress full term.

The National Demographic and Health Survey of 2003 revealed that about 44% of ...view middle of the document...

These include:

1. Female Sterilization
-safe and simple surgical procedure which provides permanent contraception for women who do not want more children. Also known as bilateral tubal ligation that involves cutting or blocking the two fallopian tubes.

• Permanent method of contraception. A single procedure that leads to lifelong, safe and very effective contraception
• Does not interfere with sex
• Results in increased sexual enjoyment – no need to worry about pregnancy
• No effect on breastfeeding – quantity and quality of milk not affected
• No known long term side effects or health risks
• Minilaparotomy can be performed after a woman give birth

• Uncommon complications of surgery: infection or bleeding at the incision site, internal infection, injury to internal organs
• Requires physical exam and minor surgery by trained service provider
• Requires an operating set up
• Permanent – reversal surgery is difficult, expensive and not available in most areas
• Do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases
• Clients may have limitation in physical activities such as heavy work and lifting heavy objects

% of Effectiveness
• Perfect use: 99. 5%
• Typical use: 99.5%

2. Male Sterilization
-permanent method wherein the vas deferens (passage of sperm) is tied and blocked through a small opening on the scrotal skin. It is also known as vasectomy.

• Very effective 3 months after surgery
• Permanent, safe, simple and easy to perform
• Can be performed in a clinic, office or at a primary care center
• No apparent long term health risks
• Does not affect male hormonal function, erection, and ejaculation
• Does not lessen but may actually increase the couple’s sexual drive

• It may be uncomfortable due to slight pain and swelling 2-3 days after the procedure
• Reversibility is difficult and expensive
• Bleeding may result in hematoma in scrotum

% of effectiveness
• Perfect use: 99.9%
• Typical use:99.9%

3. Pill
-contains hormones – estrogen and...

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