Family Of Diversity Cultral Essay

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Family of Diversity Cultural Assessment
Kristal T.

The family discussed in this paper is of German/Islamic ethnicity. They are a multigenerational family living under one roof, and making the best of what they have. Living in the household is the mother (HW), the father (AW), paternal grandmother (JW), and two children (EW & RW). The mother has some issues that she is working through from her upbringing, and the father is somewhat distant. One of the children has a severe illness that dictates how everyone lives. Both the mother and father suffer from depression, and they feel that this affects their quality time with the children. The mother was extremely open in ...view middle of the document...

The paternal grandmother JW helps with the children so that AW and HW can work. The W Family is considered to be upper middle class, which they say they are very fortunate for since they were raised so poor.
There is no set religion in the W Family as they are atheists. They are teaching their children to view religion in an overview way. They teach them what other religions believe, but that even if they have differing views they are to respect what others believe. HW tells me that one of the ways she does this is by explaining to her children that even if they don’t believe in Santa other kids do, and that if would be really upsetting to those children if they told them that there is no Santa.
HW was raised in a hodgepodge of religions, her father was raised Shi’ite Muslim in Tehran, Iran, and as a teen he would walk by a church and in a window they would have a Persian bible. Every day they would turn the page and he would come back and read it, and then he converted to Christianity. At this point his father kicked him out of the house. Years later he goes to Germany for the free University and met her mom. She was raised Lutheran so they were both Christian together. They went to Bournemouth, England and crossed paths with missionaries, and converted to Mormonism. At this point they decided to move to Salt Lake City. When HW was 3 here and her siblings were relocated from England to Salt Lake to follow the book of Mormon. Years later HW left the church, but she was raised in a blend of Mormon, Christianity and Islam because her father never wanted to commit to believing in one thing over the other and then point out to his children things that were consistent between the religions. HW says that her family does not get along or approve of her marriage to AW, and that this has put a strain on her relationship with her family.
AW was raised in a catholic home by his mother. His father died when AW was very young and his mother never remarried. Since JW moved in with the W Family, she has changed her religion to adapt their views of Atheism. Neither AW nor JW were willing to discuss more of his family, other than to say that they live in the South. HW and JW have a very good relationship, HW says that JW has always been very welcoming and nice to her.
Developmental Stage and History of Family
The Calgary Family Assessment Model (CFAM) is a recognized template for nurses to use to help conceptualize and organize data gathered from working with families. It can be used to both compile data from a family assessment, but also may be useful when helping a family address a specific health issue. The CFAM can be seen as a branching diagram with three main categories: structural, developmental, and functional levels (Wright and Leahey 2009, Chapter 3).
Structural Assessment
The structural assessment can be broken down into the internal structure which describes the relationship between the family members, the external...

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