Family Health Nursing Assessment Essay

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Senior Suites Of Chatham
While interviewing a neighbor in my former neighborhood, she told me how she enjoys going to the senior center to exercise and mingle with friends. I quickly took interest, and decided to visit the facility. While asking for directions at the front desk, I was fortunate enough to meet the property manager. I interviewed Mr. Shaun Wolfe, property manager at Senior Suites Of Chatham. The Senior Suites of Chatham is located at 8300 S. Cottage Grove (On the South side of Chicago).

Administration of the Agency
Although the development was a collaborative effort with the City of Chicago’s Department of Housing and Seniors services, Senior Suites of Chatham is ...view middle of the document...

com).The core values are reflected in the acronym“CHART” (
“CHART” (or Caring, Honesty, Appreciation, Respect, and Teamwork) is utilized to motivate staff members to demonstrate compassion and respect for each other, have a caring spirit towards the residents, and work cooperatively with a shared purpose and

Senior Suites of Chatham operates from 9:00am-5:00 pm, Monday through Sunday, with a 24 hour emergency call response. The satellite Senior Center operates Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:30pm. Advertisements of the Senior Suites and the Satellite Senior Center can be found on the web at; on the local TV stations; and in brochures at the local grocery stores.

Scope of Services
Prospective applicants must be age 62 or older. Since this is considered an affordable living facility, to qualify for an apartment, a single person annual income cannot be greater than $33,540. While the units can only be leased, there is a waiting list for those who desire residency at the Senior Suites. The facility offers a wide variety of programs and services. Utilities provided include: heat, electricity, air conditioning, entry security system, monthly housekeeping, weekly transportation to and from shopping and doctor’s appointment, on-site maintenance personnel, 24-hour emergency call response, laundry, and daily up and about check. Residents of the Senior Suites have free access to the Satellite center. Whereas seniors in the community are required to pay an annual $30 membership fee. The Satellite center provides fitness and exercise classes, weekly wellness checks by a nurse, and social activities such as mind and board games.The senior center services anywhere from 50 to 80 seniors a daily.

Physical Facilities
The Senior Suites is a six-story brick building, which has 90 apartments
(including studios and one bed-rooms). The general appearance of the building is clean and...

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