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Running head: FAMILY HEALTH CULTURAL ASSESSMENTFamily Health Cultural AssessmentCulture is defined as the totality of socially transmitted behavioral patterns, arts, beliefs values costumes, life ways and all other products of human work and thought and characteristic of a population of people that guide their worldview and decision making (Purell & Paulanka, 2003). To better understand ones culture, an ethnographic interviews was were conducted from with an individual from Haiti. The obtained interview ( it should have been more than one interview) was analyzed and compared to documented literature of Haitian culture. Areas covered in the ...view middle of the document...

She is in her early 60's with three grown children. A petite woman with light dark skin, and a grayish curly hair, Edith speaks little English. Edith's daughter, who migrated to America 15 years ago, acted as her translator. According to her daughter, Edith's name has no particular meaning like most Haitian names do. Being formal and respectful as claimed by Colin and Paperwella (2003), Haitian should to be addressed by their title, but Edith prefers to be called by her first name. She migrated to America 2 years ago. She owns a house in Haiti. In America, Edith lives with a married daughter. Like most Haitians immigrants, with a sense of national pride, including a high level of self-esteem regarding their blackness (Colin & Paperwella, 2003), Edith consider herself as a part of the dark-skinned people."Haitians generally retain their food habits and practices after emigrating. Food practices vary little from generation to generation. They prefer eating at home, take pride in promoting their food to their children, and discourage fast food" (Colin & Paperwella, 2003, p77). Like most Haitians, Edith prefers eating at home. She does her own shopping, taking the bus to and from the grocery store. According to Edith's daughter, although Haitian is known to deep fry most of their food, Edith has her own particular way of preparing their food. She washes their food carefully and thoroughly. She either boils, bake or grill them. The typical breakfast of Edith's family consists of bread, butter, bananas, and coffee. At lunch, which is the largest meal according to the daughter, consist mainly of rice, beans, plantain, vegetable and pork, beef or chicken meat. Light foods are eaten for dinner because they are more easily digested. Hot chocolate milk, bread, and soup are considered light food. Special occasion such as birthdays and Christmas are celebrated with no food restrictions. According to Edith and her daughter, as a catholic, on Lent season, they do not eat meat for the whole week.As a typical Haitian, Edith and her family believe in dietary practices for health promotion. Food is categorized by hot and cold, heavy and light and acid or non acid. According to Colin and Paperwella (2003) "To treat a person in the hot-and-cold system, a potent drink or herbal medicine of the class opposite to the disease is administered". Azuzi leaf and Lila are boiled to for the person with fever is one hot diet mentioned by Edith. Soup is usually offered, such as pumpkin, bouillon, and green vegetable, to sick person to promote healing. Heavy food such as plantain, rice, beans and meat are eaten during the day because they provide energy. At night an easily digested meal such as soup, milk, tea or hot chocolate are the foods of choice. Documentation ?The family is a strong component of the Haitian culture. It is the center of life. Both linear and collateral, the family shares roles and responsibility. Generally composed of influential member of the...

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