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Family Health Essay

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Running head: FAMILY HEALTH

Family Health
Grand Canyon

Family Health
This is a family of five, the mother, the father, two boys and a girl. They live in Mesa, Arizona, the two boys go to mesa catholic school and the the girl goes to day care four times in a week. The father has his BSN and the mother has her associate degree. Both of them come from the same country, West Africa (Ghana) but from different Home town. The father’s mother is a Queen mother in their home town. The mother lost both parents in one year. They both come from a big family, the mother has five sisters and the father has nine siblings. The father moved to the USA 15years ago and the mother 10yrs ago. ...view middle of the document...

The husband is a customer service representive and the wife is a nurse. The husband manages the finances in the home. The husband is the head of the family, we all make decision together but I make the final decisions. Most things have to be approved by the father. Most discipline is done by him as well. The mother and two of the kids are friendlier and the father and the middle kid are more quit and reserved. The culture believes is less talk and more responsibility by boys. Sexual relationship between couples is hardly talked about to third party. There was three pregnancy and three kids, now contraceptive is used as a birth control. The husband has deep voice speak fast. The mother and the kids spoke more softly and gently. The older kid wears glasses for reading. There is a respect among family members and elderly outside home too.
Health is managed through healthy food and healthy cooking. The mother does the cooking with the help of the kids and the father help with cleaning the house. There is a farm that they grow fruit and vegetables at their back yard. That is the kids’ responsibility to water it and clear the weeds to help the plants to grow well. Which the kids love to done sometimes in the morning before school or after school. The father mostly eats their ethnic food which is made up of more carbohydrate, less protein and fewer vegetables called fufu with beef or chicken soup. The kids and the mother eat American food and sometimes their ethnic food. The mother cooks almost every day, they have three course of meal and one or two snacks in between meals every day. All their food is cooked well and well done to kill all diseases and that is their believe. They eat out side twice a month, less pizza and fast food. They drink four to three cups of water every day, less pop and juice.
The husband is six feet and the wife is five feet six inches. The wife is overweight and the husband and the kids are healthy. The husband goes to the gym three times a week and the kids and their mother walk 10mile three times a week. The...

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