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Family Diversity Essay

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Family Diversity
New Right- views
* Like functionalists the New Right hols the view that there is only one correct normal family type. Is the traditional or conventional patriarchal nuclear family.
* They see lone-parent families, as both unnatural and harmful, especially to children. They argue that lone mothers cannot discipline their children properly, they are a burden on the welfare state and they leave boys without an adult male role model, resulting in higher rates threatening social stability.
* They disappear of mother going out to work because they believe women should make caring for their family their first priority.
* New Right oppose many of the recent trends ...view middle of the document...

However the rate of family breakdown as much lower among married couples- only 6% compared with 20% of cohabitating couples and 74% of those “closely involved” but not living together.
Robert Chester (1985) recognises that there has been some increased family diversity in recent years. However, unlike, the New Right, he doesn’t regard this as very significant, nor does he see it in a negative light. Chester argues that the only important change is a move from the dominance of the traditional or conventional nuclear family, to what he describes as the ‘neo-conventional family.’
Chester view
* Most people live in a household headed by a married couple
* Most adult still marry and have children. Most children are reared by their two natural parents.
* Most marriages continue until death. Divorce has increased, but most divorcees remarry.
* Cohabitation has increased, but for most couples it is a temporary phase before marrying. Most couples get married if they have children.
* Although birth outside marriage has increased, most are jointly registered, including that the parents are committed to bringing up children as a couple.

Anthony Giddens (1992) argues that in recent decades the family and marriage has been transformed by greater choice and a more equal relationship between men and women. This transformation has occurred because:
* Contraception has allowed sex and intimacy rather than reproduction to become the main reason for the relationship’s existence.
* Women have gained...

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