Families And Religion Essay

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Families and Religion

Before I go on an important fact to note is this. Even though a young
person may wish to follow the religion that their family follow
according to 'The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the
Child' and I quote 'Children must be allowed to speak their own
language and practice their own religion and culture'. This
information was gathered from 'Childrens rights issue 13 from the
nineties volume 13' by Craig Donnellan in May 1990. In 1991 these
rights were accepted by the British government and now apply to all
children in the united kingdom.

I have found that youth sub culture an effect a young persons beliefs
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Whereas with the same sub youth culture girls are more than
twice as affected by pressures influenced their. This also ties in to
the study by McRobbie and Garber how females react differently to the
same stimulus. Although this does not seem to be the case with family
which is pretty much equal.

Media is an influence that seems to be driving youth away more than
welcoming it to the church. Every Sunday on the BBC is a religious
programme called 'Songs of Praise' this programme is a filming of a
traditional church service in a different church each week and always
has lots of singing hymns and readings out of the bible. Although this
is good for Christians that are unable to leave the house maybe due to
illness or disability it is pushing youth away from the Christian
church. In all of my interviews I did not find one person who said
they either regulary watch or even enjoy things they see on occasion.
In one interview with a 16 year old female when I asked for her views
on songs of praise she asked me what it was and when I explained she
just laughed. This is a perception on youth cannot watch things like
thatand she thought it was stupid of me to ask that question in the
first place.

Another form of media is Celebrities that practice the Christian
faith. These are people like Cliff Richard, Britney Spears, Beverly
Knight and Charlotte church which where all mentioned in my studies.

Religious education in school was also an influenced and for some it
was a good one as they learnt about the religion and became interested
in it like a boy I interviewed out of year 8.

In my participate observation I found out a lot about the youth sub
cultures. This is how I got my descriptions at the start. By dressing
like the group I was studying and going to hang around with the ones
that didn't know me I got brought...

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