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"Falling Into The 'hot' Trap," A Review Of Abc's Reality Tv Series "Are You Hot?" Discusses How The Show Is Mentally, Physically, And Monetarily Destructive To Young Women

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The reality television series, "Are You Hot? The Search For America's Sexiest People" is shallow and dangerous. The whole idea of this eye-candy-fest is to find the two newest "sex symbols" in America, with the only criteria being how "hot" they look. From four different regions of the country called "hot-zones," [Are You Hot] every narcissist in America gathers together to be evaluated in front of three judges on their body, face, and sex appeal. One judge even uses a laser pointer to draw attention to any imperfection on a contestants' body. Meanwhile, I (and probably many other average teenagers) am sitting at home subconsciously measuring myself up to these wanna-be models and I realize ...view middle of the document...

Obsessing over appearance can be physically damaging to a young women's health because it can lead to trying to change the way her body looks. There are many dangerous things one can do in an attempt to change their own body to look more like the stereotype "hot" bodies seen on "Are You Hot."One way is to have breast augmentation surgery. This surgery carries many complications and far too many risks to list. They range anywhere from capsular-contracture or deflation to nerve damage or calcium deposit lumps which are often mistaken for cancer and lead to additional surgery to remove the implant and distinguish the deposits from cancer. [FDA par. 6] In addition, breast implants have a limited life and are very expensive to replace. "I tell my patients that the implant is on a loan," says Gregory O. Dick, M.D., a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Shady Grove Hospital in Rockville, Maryland. "They can enjoy it for six weeks or six years or sixty years." [FDA par. 13] If you choose to, or must have your implants removed, you may experience puckering, wrinkling, sagging, or other changes of the breast. Implants may also affect your ability to produce milk for breast-feeding. [FDA par. 22] Lets put it this way, there are far more risks than benefits to a breast augmentation surgery.Plastic surgery and liposuction are two other dangerous selections. According to Dr. Todorov of the Smart Skin Care Site, complications do occur, ranging anywhere from scarring to fatalities. [Smart Skin Care par. 2] Being beautiful shouldn't mean risking your life just to feel better about yourself.Martha Irvine, a writer for the Chicago Press responded to the show saying, "Some experts believe the trend further encourages negative body image and eating disorders that young people, in particular, already struggle with." Eating disorders are very common among young women, particularly teens. [Collier Schools par. 6] I speak from personal experience on this issue because about a year ago became bulimic. Watching certain TV shows and looking at magazines like Victoria's Secret assisted in convincing me that I was too fat. I would routinely force myself to throw up anything I ate, even if it was only one bite. Eventually I popped a blood vessel in my right eye from vomiting so much. When I saw the looks of worry and disappointment on the faces of my loved ones, I knew then and there that it just wasn't worth it. Over time, I became stronger and learned to accept my body as God created it. Sadly, it is not that easy for most victims of eating disorders. I was lucky enough to have support from family and friends and I wasn't as severely bulimic as I could have been. Many girls are not strong enough to pull themselves out of an eating disorder and end up facing serious sickness or sometimes even death.Jane Fleming, executive director of the Renfrew Center Foundation, a national nonprofit organization that addresses the issue of eating disorders said, "We keep telling our...

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