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Falling From A 3 Tory Building

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Falling from three stories
Due to different circumstances I spent my year of high school living in Independence Village with my aunt Kerra. Like most children, I was quite disobedient and always insisted on having my own way; regardless of the consequences thee after.
This particular day started off like any other, but ended so differently, that it almost cost me my life. As my Lincoln (my cousin), and I came home from school, my aunt told him that one the parrots had flown away to one of the nearby trees and didn’t wanted to come down, and that he needed to go for it.
Of course I jumped on that ban wagon and went behind him too; but as I was about to climb up the tree, my aunt came to me and told me to come down. I really didn’t saw the purpose of her demand, nor did I saw the harm in me going up the tree with Lincoln neither; because after all, “I always ...view middle of the document...

I feel DIRRECTLY between a sharp pealing stick, and a pile of broke bottles.
Of course, my aunt rushed to my side to see if I was ok, which of course I was; or so I felt and thought. Being that I was “ok” she told me to get up and of course I sent the message from my brain to my feet “to get up”, but there was neither response nor compliance! Again she urged me to get up and again I told my feet to walk and again the results was the same. It was then that I realized that I wasn’t after all “ok”; so I told her I can’t. I was paralyzed from my waist downwards.
Eventually, the neighbors came over and one of the boys picked me up and laied me on top of an old refrigerator for my cousin to brush me off, then it was off to the doctor. At the hospital, the doctor did some ultra sounds that showed what was going on inside my back. The doctor explained that due to the height from which I feel from and the intensity of which I hit ground with, the muscles in my back were over stretched. He continued to explain that as a result, there was nothing that could have being done for me but simply allow time and nature to run their course.
As time went by, with much help, prayers, therapy, and hard practices, the strength in my feet came back slowly, but I was never the same again after that. I was and still am unable to walk fast. The distance that use to take me fifteen minutes, then took me forty-five minutes to an hour. I no longer walk straight, but instead with a twist. Also, my back became my very own natural weather bureau; whenever the weather is changing I have pain in my back.
None the less, I thank God for spearing my life because if it wasn’t because of his gracious mercies and kindness, I could have died or spent the rest of my life paralyze from waste downwards, just as I was the evening after I fell from out of that tree, and just as I was for many weeks.

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