Falling And Mobility Essay

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Falling and Mobility
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Falling and Mobility
Individuals with stroke are at risk for falls. Patient safety and their general wellbeing in all areas of health care setting is worldwide concern. The major cause of medical hurdle following acute stroke are falls, and it constitutes a significant health concern throughout the post stroke lifetime. Age, chronic disease or sudden disability like stroke puts the elderly people at risk. However, stroke survivors are at greater risk of falling specifically while walking or with activities of daily living. The use of assistive devices such as walker, cane, and wheelchair to increase their function also puts them at ...view middle of the document...

Impaired walking ability is the main cause of falling following stroke. About 51% of fall rates reported were amongst individuals with acute or chronic stroke. Similarly, about 78% of stroke survivors stated near fall of which 29% experience several fall.
In addition, stroke survivors with falls are at risk of developing right hemispheric damage as well as depression. However, among those who fall the author revealed that 41% reported injuries that necessitates medical care. Falls may have adverse effects both physiologically and psychosocially. The purpose of the study as recognized by the author was to explore stroke survivors and spousal caregivers’ lived experience about falling and general mobility. The study promotes healthcare providers understanding of the difficulties of falling and mobility in survivors’ stroke. The authors specified the research questions as follow: A, What is the lived experience of falling and general mobility of survivors of stroke and spousal caregivers? B) How do these experiences about falling and mobility change from hospital discharge to 1 year post baseline testing after stroke. C), how many stroke survivors report falling or sustained a fall related adverse event during I year study period. This is directly related to the purpose of the study and the clinical problems addressed.
Qualitative approach method was used to study the experience, concerns, and opinions of the stroke survivors and their spouses. The loss of strength is relatively sudden according the survivors of stroke (Lake, 2010).The first research questions with regards to the stated perspectives about falling and overall mobility of stroke survivors and spousal caregivers developed from qualitative data analysis through small general and semi structured dialogues. The stroke survivors conveyed great apprehension over their loss of independence. .They commented on the assurance they have in their spouses on their ability to deliver care and encouragement needed to deal with their situation. They also showed concern on the difficulties their spouses had to deal with in providing care to them.
Thee quantitative and qualitative studies relevant to the focus of the study was not...

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