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Fallacies Of Internet Censorship Essay

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Laws, enforcements, and censorship have been developed since the beginning of civilization. With freedom, comes responsibility, and with responsibility comes common sense. In a society or nation of few, laws and restriction tend to be smaller, and less complex. This is contributed by the fact that in small groups, their will be less diversity amongst them. In larger society ranging in millions to billions, the need for a more complex, organized government begins to form. No human is in fact alike, each person possess their own form of will, and much their own point-of-view. In a large mass society, it becomes tedious, and complex to try and rule by anarchy. The need for a common law ...view middle of the document...

Since the internet is a world wide access of information that is available by all nations having the resources for it, rules and laws in one country are not the same in another. Another commonly known use of the internet is for commerce. It allows a person to sell goods from any country to another. This in return could be things such as illegal weapons, plants, and even pictorial art, to that neighboring or distant country or nation that might be prohibited. This argument is in fact fallible, because as with most nations, all goods being imported are regulated, checked, and sent back if any of the contents go against their laws.
Being able to censor a website based off of content is another fallacy. Putting aside morals of right or wrong of content, the simple fact of what one country considers legal, is not always considered legal in another. However, this site is still available to be browsed by one citizen or resident of one country to another as part of being interconnected through the world wide web, in order to truly consider censoring this information, the other country would have to either disengage a form of connections (which is nearly impossible without disabling all connections), and or, have to go into said country and destroy the computer and or, data that is housing and sharing the information. This act is commonly thought as intrusion and can create wars between the two nations. Not to mention the fact of the said country having to literally probe into the other country’s database and locate the person’s location.
The cost of trying to censor the internet, would be so incredibly expensive, time consuming, and problematic, that it would take decades, trillions of dollars, and may even cause wars. The internet itself uses things called ports. Ports are short term for portals, gaps between one connections of information to another. The numerical number of ports possible for a person to gain access from one computer to another is near infinite in possibilities. To be able to fully censor, or block access to another computer, such as a website, the person would have to block an infinite number of ports. One of the closest forms thoughts used in blocking websites, or other computers, is with a numerical stable number called the IP address. It is a numerical number that is assigned to the person’s...

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