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Faith Community Essay

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Katie Bucher
TR 11-12:30

Faith Community
For my Faith Community assignment, the place of worship that I chose to attend was the non-denominational church, Real Life. Being a non-denominational establishment, means that they do consider themselves Christians without determining which branch Christianity they belong to. Basically, they worship god and accept anyone who does the same. Since I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church, it was quite a different experience.
When I first arrived I was immediately greeted by several people welcoming me to the church and asking me if I needed help finding my way around. I was very surprised by the amount of hospitality ...view middle of the document...

He wears a long robe and is seated front and center the entire mass. At real life, the preacher was just your average Joe, making him appear far less intimidating than a Priest. The sermon the day I attended was about materialism. The pastor mixed his personal experiences; biblical references, humor, and situations people go through in everyday life into his sermon. It was truly entertaining and for me, I was able to get much more out of his sermon than what I get out of the Catholic Church. He spoke about materialism that day, and how none of that matters in the end and how greedy and selfish people have become. It was interesting and I Feel as is everyone as a human being could relate to the message. His sermon went on for around a half hour and after that the band came back onto the stage and small crackers and cups of grape juice were handed out. This was to represent the body and the blood of Christ, what Catholics call the Eucharist. This was the thing that took me back the most. At a Catholic Church, the Eucharist and the wine are brought out in a ceremonial matter, blessed by the priest, and then everyone goes up in single file says a small prayer and takes the body and the blood in the traditional manner. After a Catholic takes the blood and body, the return back to their pew where they are to reflect on Jesus and the importance of the procedure they just participated in. In order for one to accept the blood and body in a Catholic Church, they must go through a process called First Communion. The first communion process starts as soon as a Catholic Child is enrolled in regular schooling and they are finally allowed to receive the blood and the body around the time they complete second grade. It really is a huge deal in the Catholic Church, at First Communion the kids were wedding type attire, including veils and long white dresses, and family from all over comes to celebrate this moment of them growing into their faith. At real life, anyone was able to partake in the body/blood of Christ and it was a very laid back process. After this, the band came back on and the church collected money exactly like how the Catholic Church...

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