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Fairness Doc Essay

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Fairness doctrine changes talk radio and cable news? Fairness Doctrine was started in 1949 by FCC right after World War II. Because lawmaker realized, the very powerful tool, TV, could be controlled by very few people, so congress wanted to prevent. The year 1949 was the age of a couple of commercial TV networks generally relying on the telephone company for live program distribution to affiliates across the network. There were no satellites or videotape, and no other programming sources were available other than locally originated live or film content. (SosemanNed, 2013) It required Broadcaster license holders to give time to issues public importance and provide political balance. It was ...view middle of the document...

A lot of public say that it limits broadcasters from giving their own side; others say that is an excuse. Democrats are the main followers of the fairness doctrine because about 90% of talk radio is conservative. They don't want people listening to the radio and only hearing one side of a controversial issue, but the candidates in support of the doctrine will not go speak on a conservative radio show. The FCC required broadcasters to follow this doctrine to make sure that the citizens heard a truthful, balance, and fair view of the issues of public importance. These issues were typically very controversial and impossible for one to fully give their view unless somebody was there to debate, or the host could control what their views were. (FletcherDan, 2009) This is a very arguable issue itself and if the Fairness Doctrine was put once again in affect, radio shows would not be allowed to give their views on it because it confines the broadcasters to saying not what they believe or even know, but what is "equal" and "fair" for everyone. (GillKathy)
However, Obama and Chairman of FCC repeatedly said, there is not going to be another fairness doctrine. Even Though Obama says he is not interested in, he opposed to it, still many power politicians such as Bignaman and Pelosi, wants it back.
There were debate from about ‘should the Fairness Doctrine in the United States be reinstated?’ and, 48% Say Yes and 52% Say No.
* People who said yes, mentioned, I believe the Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated, in order for consumers to receive information of quality and honesty. For example, FOX "news" labels themselves as a "fair and balanced" news organization. However, they spend 24 hours a day, consistently lying to their viewers, and spreading false rumors about the President of the United States. Unfortunately, there are a small fraction of citizens in this country who believe the lies on this network. I...

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