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Fair Trade Essay

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Name: Mohamed Elgheriani
Date: june, 5th, 2015
Course: HFA 4U

Food and Nutrition

Is Fair Trade Fair?

there are millions of people around the world that like to start their days off with a cup of coffee, not knowing how that coffee has gotten to them, or how much work is put into a single cup of coffee. Ever since 1995 the consumption of coffee around the world has grown exponentially which had also increased in 2007 with the introduction of Starbucks and other retail coffee chains. Even though coffee retail is a massive business that receives large sums of money, people that actually make the coffee bean do not seem to receive fair wages in the process and end up not ...view middle of the document...

Although usually complain more, even though we don't really need coffee and a couple of extra dollars could really help these farmers. Nowadays 1.2 million small-scale farmers and workers are better from this fair trade system in over 60 countries. The products that the 60 countries make are than transported to 70 different countries in which they produce up to $6.6 billion annually. The amount of money that these fair trade sales are earning is growing exponentially which will only benefit more and more people to the point where they can effectively provide and support their family.

One other way the fair trade system would benefit us is it's better for the environmental sustainability and for public health. It is shown in the fair trade agreement that if you were to participate in fair trade you cannot use any GMO's to help grow any of your products quicker or enlarge them in anyway, also they can't use any agrochemicals such as pesticides r herbicides. This protects the farmers health and it also preserves the ecosystem that they are growing in. The farmers that are environmentally friendly through fair trade feel a sense of pride, like Antonio Fernandez who said “Today I am conscious of the environment. I am aware that in doing so, I am improving my quality of life and my family’s quality of life. I feel proud to participate in the association. I am valued as a producer and am making new friends and acquiring new knowledge about sustainable agriculture.” – Antonio Fernandes, Associação dos Costas Member .This is one of the very many fair trade principles that protects the farmer and also protects all the animals in the ecosystem. With this extra money these farmers can buy better for me tools to keep the environment healthy and help the bio diversity of the ecosystem that there in instead of making the suffer like other non-fair trade farmers have done to the ecosystem that their in. fair trade agreement also promotes special irrigation techniques (crop rotation) that reduce the water use in the farms to not waste water into more effectively and efficiently grow the crops in order for these farmers to make even more money, which they could use to purchase equipment to even more efficiently harvest their crops which will put more money in their countries economy. This makes farmers produce a product that is not only fair in price but fair to the environment and the the species that thrive in the crop fields.

One last point and one of the best parts of fair trade is that fair trade promotes a better quality product. Good thing about a better quality product is obviously, it's a better product and will also convince more people to buy into fair trade to help the less fortunate farmers, which will also promote the health of the consumers. This will show that The producer of the product actually care and are just there for the money. This is shown when a fair trade study was conducted by a journal and they said “many producers invest their...

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