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Failures In The Victoria Climbie Case

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The Victoria Climbie Report highlighted a catalogue of failings by various institutions that dealt with her. Below is a comparative table detailing these failings and the institutions.
Social Services Ealing Council Brent CouncilHaringey CouncilEnfield Council | The role of social workers in child protection is to support service users through difficult periods and to ensure vulnerable children are protected from harm. Social workers who work in child protection build and maintain professional relationships designed to facilitate the needs of service users. They act as advocates for service users and will have to use their professional judgement when making decisions, some of which may be ...view middle of the document...

Childminder | Childminders look after children in their home while their parents are at work or study. They provide general care for children. They spend significant amounts of time with children, therefore can note changes to a child’s well-being.They can operate without any professional training but have to be registered. They do not provide other professional services besides looking after children. However, they have the duty to report any concerns of abuse they may suspect.In VC’s case, the childminder noted small cuts on VC’s fingers and raised with Kouao(auntie). She together with her children were further concerned by VC’s subsequent injuries and on the advice of a French teacher, took VC to hospital (Central Middx) |
Healthcare StaffNorth Middlesex HospitalCentral Middlesex HospitalGP surgery | Healthcare staff, mainly in paediatrics, deal with the medical care of children and adolescents. They look at injuries and illnesses and ensure that children maintain their health. They also have a duty to protect children from abuse by reporting any abuse related illnesses or injuries to child protection authorities within social services and police.As their role is largely a healthcare one, they differ from social workers in that they do not concern themselves with other needs of children such as education or housing. They also do not investigate criminal allegations of abuse which is done by child protection Police officers. Healthcare staff do not also concern themselves with other social needs such as those provided by Childminders or other Social groups like ChurchesIn VC’s case the healthcare institutions failed in their duty to protect children from abuse. Initially the GP practice nurse had the initial chance to spot the abuse, had she done a physical examination of VC. The hospitals involved failed in the assessments of VC’s injuries. At Central Middx hospital, Dr Beynon suspected the injuries were non-accidental and referred the case to Dr Ajayi-Obe (paediatric registrar) who then did a detailed report and relevant authorities were informed. However, the child protection consultant diagnosed VC with scabies and discharged her. At North Middx hospital doctors suspected the abuse but still discharged her. |
Police Child Protection Teams | Police child protection teams investigate allegations of abuse of children under the age of 18. This can be physical, sexual, emotional or neglecting. They also investigate historical cases of abuse even after the child has turned 18.Unlike Social workers, Child Protection Police Officers, largely investigate criminal allegations of abuse. They do not concern themselves with...

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