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Failure Is The Key To Success

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Failure is the Key to Success

I believe through determination and the knowledge gained from previous failures, you can only reach success. No matter how many times you fail at something, there’s always that strength of mind to do better next time. Each and every pathway we go down in life is a learning experience. After the hard times, you’ll feel stronger which helps create the person you are trying to be today.
Life is too short to wake up with regrets and sadness. People from all around the globe experience failure at some point of their lives, but the worst thing that they can possibly do is to let these obstacles stop them from achieving success. They need to acknowledge the fact that learning from their mistakes can only help ...view middle of the document...

No matter how intelligent you are, we’ve all had to go up the same steps to climb the ladder of success. When we learn from our failures, we grow into a better individual.
I am convinced that every time we fail at something, we take one step closer to achieving the success we desire. If you give up, you will never get back on your feet and you will never reach your goals. You need to get back out there and start again. Remember, life should go on no matter what. Besides, it doesn't matter how many times you fail, what matters is how you well you finish in the end.
Speaking Decisions
In this personal essay I decided to explain how I believe that failure leads to success. When we fail at something, we get back on our feet and reach for our goals. The purpose to this personal essay is to show people that failing is not a bad thing; it is the key to success. There are so many people that give up after failing at something and what they don’t know is that everyone has to climb that ladder of success and before anyone reaches the top they fail along the way. The audience that I am targeting is people who give up too soon and who don’t try again after they fall. The tone that I am using throughout this personal essay is one that is encouraging. I want to encourage people that at some point in everyone’s life we fail at something but in the process we learn from our mistakes. The point of view chosen here is the first person point of view. This point of view was chosen because I am writing a personal essay. The style of the text is a personal essay. A personal essay represents what you think, and what you feel. This is the perfect style for this kind of essay because I am expressing what I believe in and how I feel about it.

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