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Failing School System Essay

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Failing School Systems: Are Students to Blame?
The United States educational system is failing. This topic is in the news repeatedly. Failing schools are a problem that must be fixed. However, it cannot be fixed until we figure out its real cause. Many people put the blame on the government, school officials, and teachers. Critics such as Geoffrey Canada, the founder of the Harlem Children’s Zone, say that the problem lies within the public schools. He states, “Public schools are bad, privately managed charter schools are good” (Ravitch 1). This may be a true statement but there must also be an underlying cause for low school performance. Nobody ever thinks the students may have something ...view middle of the document...

He had bad grades, and according to his teachers an unwillingness to learn. However, soon after a wealthy Caucasian family took him in. As soon as he began to get the love and support that he needed, he began to transform into the teenager that he knew he could always be. His grades, attitude, and abilities improved. On top of that, he became one of the star football players on his high school team. This goes to show that a little love and support can take a person a long way.
There are various reasons why a student cannot succeed or perform to their full potential. Some reasons they have control over such as the amount of effort put into school and homework.
Many students do not want to put in the necessary effort needed to succeed in school. They may not have the willingness to learn. This could be because they do not have the focus for school. Even if they have the focus, some choose not come or participate in class. This can be because students feel like it is not cool to join into class discussions. The students need to be willing to complete all their homework in a timely fashion and turn it in. They must also study and be able to take all tests given. If the students take the responsibility to do these things, they can have a chance to succeed despite other problems.
Financial limitations can put a significant strain on a student’s achievement. These financial limitations can come from the government. The government does not provide schools with equal funding. “The federal government provides less than 10 percent of the money for public schools” (Education 2). Some schools in rich neighborhoods receive more government funds than those in poor neighborhoods (Education 2). This can also be a racial issue, and the minority dominant schools do not receive the adequate amount of money that the schools with mainly white children do. Another financial issue can be socioeconomic status of the child’s parents. This mainly applies to those children that live in poverty. “Around the world, millions of people live in a state of poverty, lacking the basic goods-food, clothing, and shelter- that humans needs to survive” (Poverty 1). The parents may be working a job that is barely making ends meet so they do not have the funds necessary to buy their kids the school supplies they need.
Poverty can lead to other issues such as a limited amount parental involvement. The parents may not have the time or education level to help their children do their homework. This is especially true in single parent households. There is just not enough of one parent to go around benefiting the children. In these scenarios, the children suffer the most. The 2006 US Census shows, “children with married parents were more likely to be highly engaged than children with unmarried parents- 57...

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