Facts About The Number Of Hours Teachers Work

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The Facts About the Number of Hours Teachers Work
Overall employment of schoolteachers, K-12, is expected to increase largely the next coming years. Especially with the rise of Special Education teachers, as the baby boomers strut into retirement and the uptick of new age teaching instruction comes to fruition. Outside of the Special Education spectrum, employment of secondary school teachers is expected to grow faster than the average job as well. All that sounds great, especially factoring in the perks of having summers off. But why, with all this information, teachers suffer from a high burn out rate? Despite the belief of increasing jobs and a relatively relaxed job atmosphere, the fact remains that teachers are actually one of the hardest working ...view middle of the document...

” (Hare) Obviously preparing for a week ahead can be stressful, the fact remains that grading papers and planning lessons won’t get themselves done.
Another attribute often overlooked by people is the importance of being social as a teacher. Especially in regards to early mornings, when teachers are always communicating in the AM. According to Jill Hare, “Teachers need to be good morning people. I know I started teaching my first class at 7:30. The morning can be a quiet and productive time to get the working day off to a good start. By the time the professional world gets to work, some teachers may have already planned a lesson and taught two or three classes. Some working professionals think teachers are lucky that the school days ends at 3pm since it seems like we are working an incomplete work day. However, it’s hardly a shorter work day when you count the hours.” (Hare)
Overall, like every job, teaching has its pros and cons. Though the image of teaching being an easy job, that people take up only for the summers off is an incorrect assessment. Bottom line is that it takes a special person to be a successful student. One who can possess the knowledge, patience, and overall desire to teach and educate children. Teaching isn’t for everyone. That much is apparent. Much to the dismay of public perception, to become a teacher, one better be ready to work long hours.

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