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Factors That Influence Cooperation Essay

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 Three factors that influence cooperation
Cooperation is simply defined as the ability to work with others to achieve shared goals. It is generally a common effort portrayed by a group of people to realize mutual benefit and involves teamwork and joint action. Cooperation leads results to productivity, morale and a good living atmosphere. It should be an aim in people’s lives, to help others achieve goals not only for peace but the advancement of human society. Cooperation comes from within us and requires high levels of devotion without greed and jealousy so as to fulfill work. Cooperation is a great dependent of how people relate and treat each other. When cooperation lacks, ...view middle of the document...

Such benefits however, are only available for parties that reverse the good will through cooperation.
Communication involves discussing and sharing situations with other people, listen to each other’s views and later coming up with the best option so as to get the best results. As stated before, cooperation involves teamwork where communication is a factor that has to be observed. Communication has countless advantages especially in times of situations affecting more than one individual. It helps solve problems, improve relations, enhance creativity, improve performance and realize cooperation. Different researchers though argue that communication does not necessary increase cooperation since other selfish members use the opportunity to threaten others. However, they state that if certain conditions are met during communication, cooperation can be achieved. Benefits of communication are realized if a group sticks to personal commitments to cooperate and support this strongly to respect each other (Baron, Byrne & Branscombe, 2007).
Personal Orientations
According to researchers, there are three different types of orientations that people practice depending on socialization, past...

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