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Factors That Affects The Performance Of Role As Bs Social Work Students

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Social work is the profession which is concerned with man’s adjustment to
his environment; a person (or groups) in relation to a person’s (or their) social
situation. The social work profession promotes social change, problem-solving in
human relationships and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance
well-being. (IFSW, 2001)
Social work, introduced in the 1930’s as a systematic method of helping
people in the field of public welfare in the Philippines, came to be officially
recognized as a profession with the passage of a law by Congress in 1965 elevating
social work to a profession.
There are 47 schools of social work including ...view middle of the document...

Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions:
1. What are the problems that the students encountered?
2. What difficulty that the students find in performing their role?
3. What are the factors that affects in the role performance?

Objectives of the Study:
1. To determine the problems that the students encountered.
2. To determine the difficulty that the students find in performing their role.
3. To be able to know the factors that affects in the role performance.

Scope and Delimitation:
The study was delimited to determine the problems, difficulties and factors
that affects in the role performance of the Western Mindanao State University, BS
Social Work students.

Significance of the Study:
The findings of this study would benefit the following:
STUDENTS. Awareness of self or consciousness of self.
PARENTS.To monitor their children studies, feelings, and emotions of what their children experiences.
COLLEGE FACULTY.To be able to know more on how to motivate the students and understand their feelings and emotions.
FUTURE RESEARCHER.It might also serve as a reference to provide them a baseline data to replicate the study.
COMMUNITY.The result of this study would create awareness on the part of the people in relation to the problems, difficulty and the factors that affect in the role performance of the students.



The origin of American social welfare are found in the English Poor Laws. Although the laws
were passed over a 400-year period and changed incrementally to reflect new thinking about poverty
and work. (Peter Higginbotham, 2004) The poor laws evolved and changed between 1601 and the new
act of 1834, but unlike the old poor laws of 1601, the new act of 1834 differentiated between the
deserving and the under- serving poor by a simple test: “Anyone prepared to accept relief in the
repellent workhouse must be lacking the moral determination to survive outside it” (Higginbotham
The Workhouses, whatever the regime inside the workhouse, entering it would have been a
distressing experience. New inmates would often have already been through a period of severe
hardship. It was for good reason that the entrance to the Birmingham Union workhouse was through an
arch locally known as the “Archway of Tears”. (Tannenbaum and Reisch , 2001)
The Hull House community believed that poverty and the lack of opportunity bred the problems
of the ghetto. Ignorance, disease, and crime were the result of economic desperation and not some
moral flaw in the character of the new immigrants.(Jane Addams Hull House Association, 2009)
During World War II, many social workers were involved in war-related assignments, including
work with war-impacted communities. As social work began to become a profession with a coherent
and logical set of professional practices and objectives, there was a movement to standardize agency
practices and create core...

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