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Factors That Affectedfactors That Affect People To Have More Than One Credit Cards

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Credit card is only form of payment card that offers a revolving line of credit in addition to its function as a means of electronic payment. Currently, the number of credit cards in circulation in Indonesia is growing rapidly until it reached 14.7 million cards in 2011. This becomes higher since most of the credit card customers holding more than one card. As the number of credit cards in circulation rises, the problems also rise. Problems of credit card customers were diverse, ranging from billing to the difficulty when they want to stop being a customer.

Although having many credits card increasing the ...view middle of the document...

With the increased of needs and demand supported by the pleasure of shopping, people become more often to shop and tend to spend more money. People need something to be practical and also safe to spend their money rather than they have to bring lots of money. To fulfill that willingness of getting practical and safety, people nowadays start using credit card.

Credit cards are a convenient substitute for cash or check, and an essential component of electronic commerce and e-commerce. Credit card is the only form of payment card that offers a revolving line of credit in addition to its function as a means of electronic payment. Credit card holders (who may pay annual service charges) draw on a credit limit approved by the card-issuer such as a bank, store, or service provider (an airline, for example). Credit card holders normally must pay for credit card purchases within 30 days of purchase to avoid interest and/or penalties. But, the use of credit card also has negative effects that become one of factors that affect Banking Problem.

Banking problems in Indonesia are unresolved. Yayasan Lembaga Konsumen Indonesia (YLKI) records that during the year 2011 consumer complaints reached 147 credit card complaints. The credit cards problems prevalent in the community. The problems of credit card customers were diverse, ranging from billing to the difficulty when they want to stop being a customer. Another issues related to credit cards are credit cards burglary. Bank Indonesia (BI), has issued a regulation related to limiting the credit card issue. Credit card companies are also required to determine the ability of its customers to pay the bills. Currently, the number of credit cards in circulation in Indonesia reached 14.7 million cards. Most of the customers, holding more than two cards and potentially cause problems. However, it is unknown what factors that have influenced credit card holders holding more than one card are.

From the reason above, the authors choose, ‘factors that effect people having more than one credit card’ as the topic to complete the Business Research Method (BRM) class. We hope that our research can help customer to use credit card wisely from considering the advantages and disadvantages of having more than one credit card.

1.1 Symptoms
1. People are having more than one credit card
2. People are usually got a problem from having more than one credit card

1.2 Problem Statement
1. Factors that could affect people to have more than one credit cards
2. Factors that cause a problem from having more than credit cards

1.3 Research Question
1. What factors affect people having more than one credit card?
2. How effective discount program influencing people from having more than one credit card?
3. How big is the ease of using credit card affecting people from having more than one credit card?
4. How important is pride of having credit card affecting people from having more than one...

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