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Factors Influencing Studt Habits Of Beed Students

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Skills teachers need to create an effective board display could include:
* Creativity. Instructional content can be dry and boring in a classroom setting. Creative teachers try to present concepts and content in an interesting way.
* Visual skills. Teachers are somewhat like interior designers; they must be able to visualize the presentation and impact they want to create, then apply those to the display.
* Organizational skills. This goes along with #2, but organization includes comparing and contrasting, grouping, and arranging content in a meaningful way.
* Communication. Teachers know that words combined with visual content can often communicate more than words alone. As ...view middle of the document...

These can be tedious in the extreme. A good teacher would be able to liven the presentation up.
Visual SkillsThe presentation must be clearly visualized by the teacher. The ability to not only visualize it but to put it down in the way that is visualized is highly important. Teachers have been compared to interior designers or artists in this respect: They can see what they want and how to get there.
Editing SkillsYou have to know when to start trimming down a long presentation. Keep the information there and cut down the unnecessary padding and the like. The ability to prune down boring verbiage and overly wordy displays would be invaluable at this point.
OrganizationOrganize content by collating, contrasting, arranging and grouping the content of the display into a coherent, meaningful and manageable form. Visual displays should be organized into the lesson plan rather than an event in themselves. Students should develop multiple skills if they are viewing a display.
CommunicationTeachers should also know how to make the data appealing to their pupils: Some will be more receptive to information presented in one way than others; the teacher should know how to present their facts to the class through the visualization process.
Teachers should be to combine visual content with words to make an effective whole.
Time ManagementA teacher should not let the running of a board interfere too much with the established class routine. The ability to gauge not only how long the display will run for but the control of the use of that time is again highly useful.
The displays were all about events, upcoming and past ones. Someposts were trivia about the subject or course major, information about theseminars taken and to be taken. Also, the officers of the departmentcouncils and the announcements or poll questions. The pieces were arranged according to its chronological order. Fromthe most important to the least. There were various materials used. Somewere recycled and some were new, like styro foams, colored papers,images and cut-out words. There were no borders used. I have not noticedany errors with the posts, because there were not much writtennarratives, just plain reminders, announcements and trivia. The messageswere clear and easy to understand.
The purpose of the bulletin was to inform students of the departmentand other departments as well of the current events held and what istheir course all about
My Proposed Board Display
Theme:Calendar of Activities for the Semester5
Board Title:Calendar of Activities
Rationale (Purpose):To inform students upcoming activities of not only the educationdepartment, but the entire college department as well.
To inform students of upcoming events to be ready if needed.Best features of my proposed bulletin .enhancement:
The sizes of the texts are equal to the images or figures.
Content Resources (Name each needed resource and give each abrief description)
Calendar of Activities of...

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