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Factors Influencing Course Specialization Among 4th Year Hrm Students In Carmona National High School

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The Hotel and Restaurant Management concentration provides specialized occupational instruction in all phases of hotel and restaurant management to prepare students for careers as managers/supervisors in the hospitality and tourism industry.

The tourism industry is a major contributor to the world economy. According to the estimates of the World Tourism Organization (WTO), international tourism alone generated $1.4 trillion in receipts (4.1 per cent of World GDP) in 2000. Estimates of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), on the other hand, put the impact of tourism on the economy at a much higher level because it includes domestic tourism. As reported ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, as of now, tourism is one of the industries that help the people and the country in terms of finance.

As tourism serves as the main market for hotel and restaurant services, increase in visitor traffic over the past ten years resulted in a corresponding boom in the hotel and restaurant industry. During the last decade, the hotel and restaurant industry has flourished even as it struggled to cope with difficult challenges. New hotels mushroomed in the capital while older hotels have done their best to spruce-up both their interiors and upgrade services. Likewise, the growth of the restaurant sub-sector, the number of players and the variety of services offered, has been notable during the period. An in-depth study on the Hotel and Restaurant Industry in the Philippines. (p. 6, 2001) Dr. Divina M. Edralin and Ms. Paulynne Castillo

The Philippines, according to the WTTC, is positioned at the epicenter of global travel and tourism growth and development. In 1997, tourism contributed 8.7% of the country’s GDP, generating 2.3 million jobs (or one in every nine nationwide), and accounting for some 10.5% of Philippine investments. The trade surplus from tourism for the same period was estimated at PHP22 billion, driven mainly by visitor spending. The WTTC expects tourism to contribute 10.9% of the country’s GDP by 2007, and to generate as much as 1.4 million more jobs between 1998 and 2007. (An In-depth study on Hotel and Restaurant Industry in the Philippines, p19, 2001)

According to the Department of Tourism, international arrivals in 1999 stood at 2.17 million, a slight increase from the previous year’s total of 2.15 million visitors. Despite the economic crisis suffered by its Asian markets, the Philippines’ foreign exchange receipts from tourism went up by 5.83% from $2.41 billion in 1998 to $2.55 billion in 1999. Moreover, the Philippines enjoyed the highest repeat visitors in Asia at 54.22 percent, indicating that the tourism sector can survive external threats and competition in the region

Graduates of this course will possess business management and accounting skills to be able to compute daily sales, recipe costing/cost control and inventory management. The program also helps students to develop effective communication and interpersonal skills which are essential in establishing positive employer/employee/customer relations.

Statement of the problem
One of the most programs in demand today is Hotel and Restaurant Management because today, people demands more on services which Hotel and Restaurant management students has expertise. The problem with this is, this program have a very wide explanation about tourism, which is one of the healthiest industry in the world today. It has a very large range. This program discusses services like housekeeping, food and beverages procedures, front office procedures and other services regarding the tourism industry. Due to wideness of its knowledge,...

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