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Factors Influencing Academic Achievement Among Business Management Students Of Public Higher Learning Institutions (Phlis)

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Norlia Mat Norwani


PHLIs provide education that will maximize individual potential especially in disseminating knowledge that will enable graduates to perform their job effectively. However, not much research that studies factors influencing academic achievement of Business Management students especially in Malaysian context have been undertaken. This research can provide a perspective on how to look into academic and social contexts and the effect of individual differences towards students academic aspect. Astin’s Input-Environment-Output (I-E-O) ...view middle of the document...

It offers courses and programs that initiate and enhances excellence among the students. Hence, it is most important to ensure that the graduates of PHLI’s fulfill the expectations of the market especially in terms of the knowledge acquired. As stated in Abdul Halim et. al. (1991), the objective of tertiary education is not only to prepare students with knowledge of substance of their field but most importantly is to enhance autonomous and innovative interest of their field in fulfilling the demands of the society.

Business Education and Economy

In the present business environment, economic institutions and business managers have to act spontaneously and effectively. Sufficient knowledge in all aspects of business is vital to ensure that problems and crises are handled effectively. Henceforth, it is essential to ascertain that the right human resources are carefully selected to implement and carry out the responsibilities to achieve the aims of the organizations. In Malaysia, programs of Bachelor in Business Management are conducted in full time mode, distance learning, twinning program, franchise program and executive program. For the purpose of this study, the full time program of Bachelor in Business Management has been selected. This is due to the fact that the researcher is involved directly in this program and because the number of the students in this program is the biggest compared to the other programs.

Background of Study

Employers nowadays are critical towards the employees’ attributions and contributions towards their business due to the increasing competition caused by globalization and knowledge-based economy (Faridah 2000). In addition, the quality of business management graduates are questioned. Employers are of the opinion that graduates lack the quality needed for the challenging business environment. In addition, not only do graduates have problems getting jobs but those who are employed take a long time before they can contribute to the organization. There are not many studies on students’ involvement and effort, and that shows its correlation with academic achievement. Studies that attempt to assess factors that contribute to the mastery of knowledge and skills are also hard to find (Mohd Khan & Mohamad Hanapi 1995; Mohd Salleh et al. 1997; Noor Azizi et al. 2001; Suraini & Azila 2003). Variables such as differences of experience at different PHLIs and academic input have not been fully explored especially in Malaysian context. In short, this study will determine academic achievement of Business Management students based on their CGPA, identify PHLI factors that influence the CGPA and compare students’ academic achievement based on institutions, gender, race and students’ highest qualification.
Research Questions

i) What is the level of academic achievement (CGPA) of Business Management students of PHLI?
ii) What are the environment and input factors that influence the academic achievement of Business...

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